EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Holly Stallworth
Responsible Committee/Panel:Ad Hoc Panel Being Formed

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The EPA relies on the Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses when evaluating the economic consequences of its regulations and policies. By providing a sound scientific framework for performing economic analyses, the Guidelines ensure that EPA regulations not only contribute to a safe environment but also a healthy economy. Approaches established in the Guidelines on important subjects such as uncertainty, timing, and valuation of costs and benefits, promote the consistent treatment of these issues in all economic analyses at the EPA. Because of their prominence and importance to Agency analyses, it is critical that the Guidelines reflect the most current, peer-reviewed and established practices in the economics profession and that the document itself be peer reviewed. The Office of Policy, with input from other Agency economists, has been working to improve the Guidelines by updating and revising selected chapters as appropriate, many of which have not been revisited since 2010.

The Office of Policy has requested that the SAB peer review the revised Guidelines.