EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Lake Erie Nutrient Targets and Adaptive Management

EPA Designated Federal Officer (DFO):Thomas Armitage
Responsible Committee/Panel:Lake Erie Phosphorus Objectives Review Panel
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EPA Region 5 is co-leading a binational workgroup to develop and implement the Nutrients Annex (“Annex 4”) of the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) in accordance with Article 3(b)(i) of the GLWQA. Under Annex 4, the U.S. and Canada have committed to address eutrophication issues in Lake Erie by first establishing phosphorus objectives, loading targets and allocations for the nearshore and offshore waters by February 2016, and subsequently develop a phosphorus reduction strategy by 2018. In 2015 the SAB reviewed the methodology presented in EPA’s Draft Technical Approach for Lake Erie Phosphorus Load-Response Modeling (2014) to provide early advice on the agency’s approach, including the agency's framework for modeling indicators of eutrophication, the ensemble of models relevant to Lake Erie, and the available data to develop, calibrate and validate the models (see report EPA-SAB-15-010.)

EPA Region 5 has asked the SAB to provide advice on further modeling, monitoring, and analyses needed to support implementation and evaluation of the nutrient reduction goals as part of an ongoing, adaptive management approach.

Agency Charge . (PDF, 5 pp., 34,330 bytes)

Agency Review Document(s):

PDF for Recommended Phosphorus Loading Targets for Lake Erie: Annex 4 Objectives and Targets Task Team Final Report to the Nutrients Annex Subcommittee. May 11, 2015 . (PDF, 80 pp., 2,793,166 bytes)

PDF for Annex 4 Ensemble Modeling Report (May 2016 Peer Review Draft) . (PDF, 237 pp., 11,146,999 bytes)