EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB)

Risk and Technology Review (RTR) Methods Panel 2017

The EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) recently developed its draft EPA report entitled “Screening Methodologies to Support Risk and Technology Reviews (RTR).” This draft report describes newly developed screening methods designed to assess the risk to public health and the environment that would remain after stationary sources of hazardous air pollutants come into compliance with the EPA’s Maximum Available Control Technologies (MACT) standards. These include screening methods to estimate the potential for multi-pathway risks (e.g., ingestion, inhalation) from persistent and bioaccumulative HAPs, screening methods to estimate potential environmental risks, and recent enhancements to the EPA’s inhalation risk assessment methodology. This SAB Ad Hoc Review Panel is to conduct a peer review and will provide the EPA Administrator with advice and recommendations. This Panel, known as the Risk and Technology Review Methods Panel (RTR Methods Panel) will be composed of SAB members and invited outside experts.
A list of members can be found in the final report included in the Advisory Activity linked to this panel or committee

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