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Document NameThe development of policy approaches for reducing nitrogen pollution to coastal waters of the USA.
Document AuthorHowarth, R.W.
Short DescriptionScience in China Series C-Life Sciences   2005 Vol.48    No. S1      pp.791-806
CategorySubgroup 3: Scientific Basis for Goals and Management Options
Publication Year2006

Abstract: Two-thirds of the coastal rivers and bays in the United States are degraded from nutrient pollution, and nitrogen inputs these waters continue to increase. The nitrogen comes from a variety of sources, including runoff from agricultural fields, concentrated animal feeding operations, atmospheric deposition from fossil fuel combustion, and sewage and septic wastes. Technical solutions for nitrogen pollution exist at reasonable cost. That most of these solutions have not yet been implemented to any significant extent across the United States suggests that new policy approaches are necessary. (Please note that China Science has attributed this article to a Chinese lead author, Xie Yingxin)