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Document NameAtmospheric Nitrogen Flux from the Watersheds of Major Estuaries of the United States: An Application of the SPARROW Watershed Model,
Document AuthorAlexander, R.B.
Smith, R.A.
Schwarz, G.E.
Preston, S.D.
Brakebill, J.W.
Srinivasan, R.
Pacheco, P.A.
Short DescriptionIn: Nitrogen Loading in Coastal Water Bodies: An Atmospheric Perspective, American Geophysical Union Monograph 57, Richard Valigura, Richard Alexander, Mark Castro, Tilden Meyers, Hans Paerl, Paul Stacey, and R. Eugene Turner (eds.) pp. 119-170.
CategorySubgroup 2: Characterization of Nutrient Fate-Transport-Sources
Publication Year2001