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Document NameNitrogen Cycles: Past, Present, and Future
Document AuthorGalloway, J.N.
Dentener, F.J.
Capone, D.G.
Boyer, E.W.
Howarth, R.W.
Seitzinger, S.P.
Asner, G.P.
Cleveland, C.
Green, P.
Holland, E.
Karl, D.M.
Michaels, A.F.
Porter, J.H.
Townsend, A.
Vorosmarty, C.
Short DescriptionBiogeochemistry 70:153-226. This paper contrasts the natural and anthropogenic controls on the conversion of unreactive N2 to more reactive forms of nitrogen....
CategorySubgroup 2: Characterization of Nutrient Fate-Transport-Sources
Publication Year2004