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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations


EPA #: CAD058783952

State: California(CA)

County: Alameda

City: Livermore

Congressional District: 10

Other Names: Coast Land Manufacturing Company

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Description and History

NPL Listing History

NPL Status: Removed

Proposed Date: 06/24/88

Final Date:

Deleted Date: 02/23/94

The 22-acre Hexcel Corp. site produces resins for coatings and adhesives as well as fabrics and parts for the aerospace industry. Two documented spills occurred at the site in 1983. In the first, 600 gallons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including methylene chloride, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, and isopropyl alcohol leaked from subsurface plumbing. In the second, 1,500 gallons of contaminants were released when a valve on a storage tank was left open. In 1983 after the first spill, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a Cleanup and Abatement Order charging Hexcel with improper waste management. Under the Order, Hexcel was to investigate the extent of contamination, clean up soil and groundwater, and prevent future spills. Hexcel excavated the tank and drilled a well to recover as much of the solvent as possible. Approximately 500 gallons of the second spill were recovered, but the rest migrated to the excavated tank area. Approximately 50,000 people obtain drinking water, and 2,800 acres of agricultural land are irrigated from wells within three miles of the site. The closest body of water to the site is a seasonal creek, the Arroyo Las Positas, which is located 3,000 feet southwest of the site.

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Contaminants and Risks

Contaminated Media
  • Groundwater
  • Soil and Sludges

VOCs were found in shallow groundwater and extraction wells at the site. Dimethylformamide and VOCs were detected in soil samples. Potential health risks may exist if individuals inhale, ingest or come in direct contact with contaminated groundwater or soil.

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Who is Involved

This site is being addressed through Federal, State, and potentially responsible parties' actions.

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Investigation and Cleanup Activities

This site is being addressed in two stages: immediate actions and a long-term remedial phase focusing on cleanup of the entire site.

Initial Actions

In 1983, Hexcel Corp. removed the leaking storage tank and 500 gallons of spilled solvents.

The State began an investigation in 1990 to determine the type and extent of contamination at the site and to identify alternative cleanup remedies. The investigation was scheduled to be completed in 1993. The final remedy includes soil remediation, soil vapor extractive or aeration and groundwater, and continued groundwater monitoring.

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Cleanup Results to Date

The excavation of the tank and installation of extraction wells to recover contaminants by the Hexcel Corp. have reduced the potential for exposure to hazardous waste at the site. The cleanup activities continue under direction of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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Potentially Responsible Parties

Potentially responsible parties (PRPs) refers to companies that are potentially responsible for generating, transporting, or disposing of the hazardous waste found at the site.

Online information about the PRPs for the site is not yet available.

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Documents and Reports

No documents found

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Community Involvement

Public Meetings:

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Public Information Repositories

The public information repositories for the site are at the following locations:

Cal Regional Water Quality Control Board
2101 Webster Street, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612

The most complete collection of documents is the official EPA site file, maintained at the following location:

Superfund Records Center

Mail Stop SFD-7C

95 Hawthorne Street, Room 403

San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 820-4700

Enter main lobby of 75 Hawthorne street, go to 4th floor of South Wing Annex.

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EPA Public Information Center
(415) 947-8701
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Other Contacts
After Hours (Emergency Response)
(800) 424-8802

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