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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

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04/21/04Community Involvement Plan, Hunters Point
09/23/09Brother Muhammad, SLAM Letter to Admin. Jackson 9/23/09
10/09/09EPA Response to Brother Muhammad, SLAM Letter to Admin. Jackson 09/23/2009
12/23/09Navy Recommendation and Decision Memo Dissolving HP RAB Received 07/06/1
01/10/10EPA Response to Jan 5 Chronicle Asbestos Report Article
01/15/10Brother Muhammad, SLAM Letter to Admin. Jackson 1/15/10
02/10/10R9 Letter to Bro Leon Muhammad Response to Jackson Letter Jan 2010
03/02/10Asbestos Meeting Notes
03/30/10EPA Response to Asbestos Article in Lennar Urban Winter 2010 newsletter
03/30/10Letter to Lennar Regarding Winter 2010 Quarterly News Article.
05/05/10Letter from African American Revitalization Consortiums on EPA on Public Outreach Process at Hunters Pt. Shipyard.
07/07/10EPA Response to Navy's Dissolution of HP RAB
08/19/10Response Letter From Mathy Stanislaus to Ms. Monique Harden, S.L.A.M 7/21/2010 Inquiry.
08/24/10Letter From Monique Harden, S.L.A.M to EPA AA OSWER on Hunters Point.
09/27/10 EPA Letter to David Chiu, President of S.F. Board of Supervisors Dated 9-27-10
11/10/10PDF of Wilma Subra Email Letter to AA OSWER
11/30/10Letter From U.S. EPA AA OSWER to Ms. Harden, S.L.A.M., Enclosures: Response to Wilma Subra 11/10/10 Email and Overview of Shipyard Transfer Process.
12/07/10SLAM's Concerns Submitted 12.7.10 at Mtg. with AA OSWER
12/22/10 EPA Letter to Community Members who met with AA OSWER on December 7, 2010
12/22/10EPA Letter to Community Members who met with AA OSWER on December 8, 2010
01/03/11Clarification on 12/22/10 Letter From Jane Diamond on Release of Draft FOSET and the Public Comment Process
03/22/11Letter From SLAM to L Jackson RE Project Mgr Email Exchange Issue
03/24/11EPA Interim Response to SLAM Inquiry on Project Mgr Emails
05/27/11Final Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Community Involvement Plan - May 27, 2011
03/21/12Letter From SLAM to EPA, FBI, CA Atty General, SF. City RE: Project Mgr Email Exchange Issue
04/16/12Response to SLAM Letters Dated 3/21& 3/22/11 Re: Project Mgr Emails and Office of Inspector General Investigative Summary
08/08/12Independent Review Report of the Navy's Draft Record of Decision for Parcel E-2 (August 8 2012) *
08/22/12U.S. EPA Presentation at Navy Public Meeting, Bayview Opera House
12/03/12U.S. EPA Presentation at 3rd Street Youth Center
10/01/14Final Community Involvement Plan Update, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard – October 2014
10/01/14US Navy Quarterly Progress Update October 2014 through December 2014 and Look Ahead for 2015
11/10/14Hunters Point and Yosemite Technical Assistance Workshop Flyer for 11/17/2014 (508 Compliant)
11/17/14EPA Technical Assistance Workshop Agenda, November 17, 2014 (508 Compliant)
11/17/14Hunters Point and Yosemite Slough Draft Priorities Concerns, November 17, 2014 (508 Compliant)
11/17/14Hunters Point Parcel Transfer Overview for the 11/17/14 Workshop
11/17/14Technical Assistance Services for Community Information Handout, 11/17/2014 (508 Compliant)
11/19/14Bay Area Air Quality Management Compliant Hotline Information
11/19/14Hunters Point and Yosemite Slough Prioritization Results from 11/17/2014 Technical Workshop
11/19/14Hunters Point Government Contact Sheet
11/19/14TASC Technical Workshop Concerns and Parking Lot Issue List, November 17, 2014
01/30/15Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Yosemite Slough Technical Assistance Needs Assessment – January 30, 2015 - Prepared by Skeo, TASC Contractor
04/09/15US Navy’s Hunters Point Poster Boards from Radiation Open House, April 9, 2015
06/10/15Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Activated Carbon Pilot Study (Parcel F), June 2015
09/30/15Hunter Point Naval Shipyard Third Quarterly Progress Update, September 30, 2015
12/02/15The US Navy’s Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Community Workshop Posters and Handouts, December 2, 2015
01/21/16EPA Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Presentation at Bayview EJ Taskforce Meeting – 1/21/2016
06/24/16U.S. Navy July 13, 2016 Community Meeting Invite Notice
09/13/16EPA and DTSC Letter to Navy Concerning Tetra Tech
12/14/16EPA Letter and Recommendations to US Navy Regarding Tetra Tech ECI Evaluation
01/06/17Draft Summary Notes of December 20, 2016 Hunters Point Meeting with Greenaction, Community Representatives, CalEPA, DTSC and EPA and Handouts
02/02/17Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Community Meeting Open House - Wednesday, February 8, 2017
02/08/17Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Community Open House 2/8/17 Laptop Presentation and Poster Sessions
03/14/17Hunters Point Shipyard Site Bus Tour Flyer – April 8, 2017
07/17/17Community Radiological Technical Advisor on Radiological Contact Information and August 5-7, 2017 Office Hours
07/17/17U.S. Navy Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Bus Tour – August 5, 2017 Flyer
07/19/17Parcel A of the Former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
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Show details for [<script>document.write("Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman (MEW) Study Area".link(document.links[document.links.length
Show details for [<script>document.write("Montrose Chemical Corp".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Motorola, Inc. (52nd Street Plant)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</s
Show details for [<script>document.write("Naval Air Station Moffett Field".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</scri
Show details for [<script>document.write("NE Churchrock Quivira Mines".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("North Indian Bend Wash Superfund Site".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))
Show details for [<script>document.write("Northeast ChurchRock Mine".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Omega Chemical Corporation".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Operating Industries, Inc. Landfill".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</
Show details for [<script>document.write("Pacific Coast Pipeline".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Palos Verdes Shelf".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Pemaco".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Area".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script
Show details for [<script>document.write("Rockets, Fireworks, and Flares".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</scrip
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Fernando Valley (All Areas)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</scri
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Fernando Valley (Area 1 North Hollywood And Burbank)".link(document.links[documen
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Fernando Valley (area 2 Glendale)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Fernando Valley (area 3 Verdugo)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))<
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Fernando Valley (area 4 Pollock)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))<
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Gabriel Valley Area 3".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Gabriel Valley (area 2) Baldwin Park".link(document.links[document.links.length-1
Show details for [<script>document.write("Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))<
Show details for [<script>document.write("Sola Optical Usa, Inc.".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Spectra-Physics, Inc.".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Stringfellow".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Synertek, Inc. (Building 1)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Teledyne Semiconductor".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("The Triple Site".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Tuba City Open Dump".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Tucson International Airport Area".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</sc
Show details for [<script>document.write("United Heckathorn Co.".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Watkins-Johnson Company (Stewart Division)".link(document.links[document.links.length
Show details for [<script>document.write("Westinghouse Electric Corp. (sunnyvale Plant)".link(document.links[document.links.len
Show details for [<script>document.write("Yosemite Creek Sediment".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]

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