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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Anaconda Copper Mine

Superfund Site

Technical Document

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Date Title / pdf File
11/01/05 Data Summary Report For Process Areas Soils Characterization
Section 1: TextDraft Data Summ Rpt Soils 05-10-28.pdf
Section 2: Figures 1-1 to 3-13b1-1 to 1-3.pdf 2-1 Drill samp_2-2 Areas.pdf 2-3 Util Sta 2-4Transfrm.pdf 2-5 Stained soil.pdf
3-1a Diesl_3-1b MOils Area 1.pdf 3-2a Diesl_3-2b MOils Area 2.pdf 3-3a Diesl_3-3bMOils Area4.pdf 3-3c Rad226 Area4.pdf 3-4a Copp_3-4bDiesl Area5.pdf
3-4c MOils_3-4dRad226 Area5.pdf 3-5a Arsnc_3-5b MOils Area7.pdf 3-5c Rad226_3-5dRad228 Ar7.pdf 3-6 MOils Area 8 .pdf 3-7a Diesl_3-7b MOils Area9.pdf
3-7c Rad226_3-7dRad228 Ar9.pdf 3-7eThor232 Ar9_3-8MOils Ar10.pdf 3-9a Diesl_3-9bGas Area11.pdf 3-9c MOils Area 11.pdf 3-10a MOils_3-10bRad226 Ar12.pdf
3-11a Diesl_3-11bGas AreaU.pdf 3-11c MOils_3-11dRad226 ArU .pdf 3-11e Thor232_311-fTrimeth ArU.pdf 3-11g 1,3,5-Trimethylb AreaU .pdf 3-12 MOils AreaTR.pdf3-13a MOils3-13b Diesl AreaEX.pdf
Section 3: Appendix A - Field NotesFld Notes pg 1-38.pdfFld Notes pg 39-76.pdfFld Notes pg 77-115.pdfFld Notes pg 116-151.pdf
Section 3: Appendix B1 to B2 - PhotosB1 Area 1 Drill Loc.pdf B1 Area 2 Drill Loc.pdf B1 Areas 3-6 Drill Loc.pdf B1 Areas 7-10 Drill Loc.pdf B1 Areas 11-12 Drill Loc.pdf B2 Undgr Utilities.pdf
Section 3: Appendix C1 to C2 - Data SummaryC1 - Stat Summaries.pdf C2 - Analytical Res.pdf
Section 3: Appendix F1 to F2 - Split SamplesF1 - EPA Split Samp Comp.pdf F2 - EPA Samp Res Rep.pdf
Section 3: Appendix D - Lab ReportsAvailable on request
Section 3: Appendix E - Level IV ReportsAvailable on request

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