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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

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Date Title / pdf File
01/25/11 Casmalia Resources Final Remedial Investigation Report - Appendix H (RCRA Canyon Outcrop Assessment), I (Gamma Walkover Survey), J (Clay Barrier Investigation), K (CPT Signature Comparison) and L (Geophysical Surveys)
Appendix H
Main ContentsAppendix H.pdfAppendix H.pdf
Figures H-1 to H-7Figure H-1.pdfFigure H-1.pdfFigure H-2.pdfFigure H-2.pdfFigure H-3.pdfFigure H-3.pdfFigure H-4.pdfFigure H-4.pdfFigure H-5.pdfFigure H-5.pdfFigure H-6.pdfFigure H-6.pdfFigure H-7.pdfFigure H-7.pdf
Table H-1Table H-1.pdfTable H-1.pdf
Attachments H-1 to H-5Attachment H-1.pdfAttachment H-1.pdfAttachment H-2.pdfAttachment H-2.pdfAttachment H-3.pdfAttachment H-3.pdfAttachment H-4.pdfAttachment H-4.pdfAttachment H-5.pdfAttachment H-5.pdf
Appendix I
Main ContentsAppendix I.pdfAppendix I.pdf
Figure I-1Figure I-1.pdfFigure I-1.pdf
Attachments I-1 to I-3Att I-1 TOC.pdfAtt I-1 TOC.pdfAtt I-1.pdfAtt I-1.pdfAtt I-2 TOC.pdfAtt I-2 TOC.pdfAtt I-2.pdfAtt I-2.pdfAtt I-3 TOC.pdfAtt I-3 TOC.pdfAtt I-3.pdfAtt I-3.pdf
Appendix J
Main ContentsAppendix J.pdfAppendix J.pdf
Figures J-1 to J-5Figure J-1.pdfFigure J-1.pdfFigure J-2.pdfFigure J-2.pdfFigure J-3.pdfFigure J-3.pdfFigure J-4.pdfFigure J-4.pdfFigure J-5.pdfFigure J-5.pdf
Tables J-1 to J-4Table J-1.pdfTable J-1.pdfTable J-2.pdfTable J-2.pdfTable J-3.pdfTable J-3.pdfTable J-4.pdfTable J-4.pdf
Attachments J-1 to J-3Att J-1 TOC.pdfAtt J-1 TOC.pdfAtt J-1.pdfAtt J-1.pdfAtt J-2 TOC.pdfAtt J-2 TOC.pdfAtt J-2.pdfAtt J-2.pdfAtt J-3 TOC.pdfAtt J-3 TOC.pdfAtt J-3.pdfAtt J-3.pdf
Appendix K
Main ContentsAppendix K.pdfAppendix K.pdf
Figures K-1 to K-2Figure K-1.pdfFigure K-1.pdfFigure K-2.pdfFigure K-2.pdf
Table K-1Table K-1.pdfTable K-1.pdf
Attachments K-1 to K-3Att K-1 TOC.pdfAtt K-1 TOC.pdfAtt K-1.pdfAtt K-1.pdfAtt K-2 TOC.pdfAtt K-2 TOC.pdfAtt K-2.pdfAtt K-2.pdfAtt K-3 TOC.pdfAtt K-3 TOC.pdfAtt K-3.pdfAtt K-3.pdf
Appendix L
Main ContentsAppendix L.pdfAppendix L.pdf
Figures L-1 to L-40Figure L-01.pdfFigure L-01.pdfFigure L-02.pdfFigure L-02.pdfFigure L-03.pdfFigure L-03.pdfFigure L-04.pdfFigure L-04.pdfFigure L-05.pdfFigure L-05.pdfFigure L-06.pdfFigure L-06.pdf

Figure L-07.pdfFigure L-07.pdfFigure L-08.pdfFigure L-08.pdfFigure L-09.pdfFigure L-09.pdfFigure L-10.pdfFigure L-10.pdfFigure L-11.pdfFigure L-11.pdfFigure L-12.pdfFigure L-12.pdf

Figure L-13.pdfFigure L-13.pdfFigure L-14.pdfFigure L-14.pdfFigure L-15.pdfFigure L-15.pdfFigure L-16.pdfFigure L-16.pdfFigure L-17.pdfFigure L-17.pdfFigure L-18.pdfFigure L-18.pdf

Figure L-19.pdfFigure L-19.pdfFigure L-20.pdfFigure L-20.pdfFigure L-21.pdfFigure L-21.pdfFigure L-22.pdfFigure L-22.pdfFigure L-23.pdfFigure L-23.pdfFigure L-24.pdfFigure L-24.pdf

Figure L-25.pdfFigure L-25.pdfFigure L-26.pdfFigure L-26.pdfFigure L-27.pdfFigure L-27.pdfFigure L-28.pdfFigure L-28.pdfFigure L-29.pdfFigure L-29.pdfFigure L-30.pdfFigure L-30.pdf

Figure L-31.pdfFigure L-31.pdfFigure L-32.pdfFigure L-32.pdfFigure L-33.pdfFigure L-33.pdfFigure L-34.pdfFigure L-34.pdfFigure L-35.pdfFigure L-35.pdfFigure L-36.pdfFigure L-36.pdf

Figure L-37.pdfFigure L-37.pdfFigure L-38.pdfFigure L-38.pdfFigure L-39.pdfFigure L-39.pdfFigure L-40.pdfFigure L-40.pdf
Tables L-1 to L-4Table L-1.pdfTable L-1.pdfTable L-2.pdfTable L-2.pdfTable L-3.pdfTable L-3.pdfTable L-4a.pdfTable L-4a.pdfTable L-4b.pdfTable L-4b.pdf
Attachments L-1 to L-7Attachment L-1 TOC.pdfAttachment L-1 TOC.pdfAttachment L1_RickMillerReport.pdfAttachment L1_RickMillerReport.pdfAttachment L-2 TOC.pdfAttachment L-2 TOC.pdfAttachment L-2_2007CannonSurvey.pdfAttachment L-2_2007CannonSurvey.pdf

Attachment L-3 TOC.pdfAttachment L-3 TOC.pdfAttachmenL-3_GeophysicsExperimentalPlan.pdfAttachmenL-3_GeophysicsExperimentalPlan.pdf

Attachment L-4 TOC.pdfAttachment L-4 TOC.pdfAttachment_L4_InversionParametersRMS-ErrorCurves.pdfAttachment_L4_InversionParametersRMS-ErrorCurves.pdf

Attachment L-5 TOC.pdfAttachment L-5 TOC.pdfAttachment L-5 EPA-Cvr.Ltr.(5.4.07).pdfAttachment L-5 EPA-Cvr.Ltr.(5.4.07).pdfAttachment L-5 INLLtr.Rpt.(ClarkScott-5307).pdfAttachment L-5 INLLtr.Rpt.(ClarkScott-5307).pdf

Attachment L-6 TOC.pdfAttachment L-6 TOC.pdfAttachment L-6_Phase II WP Figures.pdfAttachment L-6_Phase II WP Figures.pdfAttachment L-6_PhaseIIGeophysicsWorkPlan_08.21.05.pdfAttachment L-6_PhaseIIGeophysicsWorkPlan_08.21.05.pdf

Attachment L-7 TOC.pdfAttachment L-7 TOC.pdfAttachment  L-7_RICPT logs 07 09 10 11.pdfAttachment L-7_RICPT logs 07 09 10 11.pdf

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