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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Anaconda Copper Mine

Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
12/15/05 Radiological Data Compilation Yerington Mine Site
TextPgs 1-19 Text.pdf, Pgs 20-38 Text.pdf
FiguresFig F2124300 1-2.pdf, Fig F2124300 3-4.pdf
Appendix A - Pre- 2003 Reports1979-90 reports.pdf
Appendix B - RAD-DOC-01RAD-DOC-01.pdf
Appendix C - RAD-DOC-02, Attachement Pages, 1-5, Attachements Pages 6-361 RAD-DOC-02.pdf, 2 RAD-DOC-02_Attchmts Pg 1-5.pdf, 3 RAD-DOC-02_Attchmts Pg 6-36.pdf
Appendix D - RAD-DOC-031 RAD-DOC-03a Pgs 1-24.pdf, 2 RAD-DOC-03a Pgs 25-30.pdf, 3 RAD-DOC-03a_A_1 Pg 1-41.pdf, 4 RAD-DOC-03a_A_1 Pg 42-82.pdf, 5 RAD-DOC-03a_A_2 Pg 1-56.pdf, 6 RAD-DOC-03a_A_2 Pg 57-113.pdf, 7 RAD-DOC-03a_A_2 Pg 114-169.pdf, 8 RAD-DOC-03a_A_3 Pg 1-64.pdf, 9 RAD-DOC-03a_A_3 Pg 65-129.pdf, 9 RAD-DOC-03a_A_3 Pg 65-129.pdf, 10 RAD-DOC-03a_A_3 Pg 130-191.pdf, 11 RAD-DOC-03c.PDF
Appendix E - RAD-DOC-041 RAD-DOC-04a-b.pdf, 2 RAD-DOC-04a_Appx Pg 1-35 .pdf, 3 RAD-DOC-04a_Appx Pg 36-48 .pdf, 4 RAD-DOC-04b_Attchmts_Pt_1.pdf, 5 RAD-DOC-04b_Attchmts_Pt_2.pdf, 6 RAD-DOC-04b_Attchmts_Pt_3.pdf
Appendix F - RAD-DOC-05RAD-DOC-05.pdf
Appendix G - RAD-DOC-06RAD-DOC-06 p1-15.pdf, RAD-DOC-06 p16-24.pdf
Appendix H - RAD-DOC-07RAD-DOC-07.pdf
Appendix I - RAD-DOC-08RAD-DOC-08a ARC PA Groundwater Report.pdf, RAD-DOC-08a_Figs 3-12 to 3-14.pdf, RAD-DOC-08a_Rad_Results.pdf, RAD-DOC-08b ARC PA Soils Report.pdf, RAD-DOC-08b_Fig 3-3c.pdf, RAD-DOC-08b_Fig 3-4d.pdf, RAD-DOC-08b_Fig 3-5c.pdf, RAD-DOC-08b_Fig 3-5d.pdf, RAD-DOC-08b_Rad_Results.pdf, RAD-DOC-08c EPA split comparison.pdf, RAD-DOC-08c EPA_Raw_Data.pdf, RAD-DOC-08c EPA_Summary_Tables.pdf
Appendix J - RAD-DOC-09RAD-DOC-09a - AQM Q205 Report.pdf, RAD-DOC-09b - Addendum.pdf
Appendix K - RAD-DOC-10RAD-DOC-10.pdf, RAD-DOC-10_Figs 1-3.pdf, RAD-DOC-10_Figs 4-6.pdf

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