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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Superfund Site

Technical Document

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Date Title / pdf File
01/29/09 Parcel B, IR-26 Mercury - Time Critical Removal Action - Appendices
Boring Logs.pdfChain of Custody.pdfAppendix 1.pdfKMBT25020081020133203.pdfSafety Meeting Reports.pdfDust Monitoring.pdfAppendix 7.pdfHunters Point CQC Meeting Notes #3.pdfHunters Point CQC Meeting Notes #1.pdfHunters Point CQC Meeting Notes #2.pdfAppendix 9.pdfThumbs.dbPhoto Log.pdf13. Load Dump2.wmv01. Area 3 Excavation with dust control.wmv02. Area 3 Excavation with dust control2.wmv03. Area 3 Excav w DC and Line Redraw.wmv04. Early presence of groundwater in Area 3 Excav.wmv05. Concrete trough detected between Areas 2 and 3.wmv06. Attempt to destroy concrete trough.wmv07. Dual excavators at Area 2.wmv08. Dual excavators at Area 2 part 2.wmv09. Dewatering staging area at Areas 2 and 3.wmv10. Saturated Soil excavation at Area2.wmv11. Excavation at Area 2 showing swale.wmv12. Load Dump.wmv26. Addition of Concrete to Hopper3.wmv14. Tractor coming off truck.wmv15. Exacavtor leaving Area 2.wmv16. Destruction of Concrete Obstacle at Excav 2.wmv17. Destruction of Pipe between Area 2 and 3.wmv18. Area 1 Excavation.wmv19. Area 1 Excavation2.wmv20. Area 1 Excavation showing Dual Excavation2.wmv21. Area 1 Excavation showing groundwater.wmv22. OverEx of Area 2.wmv23. Explanation of Remaining Work at Excavation 2.wmv24. Addition of Concrete to Hopper1.wmv25. Addition of Concrete to Hopper2.wmv27. CDF Addition-Area 2.wmv28. CDF Addition-Area 2-2.wmv29. Drain Rock Addition-Area 1-2.wmv30. Drain Rock Addition-Area 1.wmv31. Explanation of Backfill Completion-Area 1.wmv32. Explanation of Backfill Completion-Area 2.wmv33. Dust control on stockpiles.wmv

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