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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Area

Superfund Site

Explanation of Significant Differences #3

Administrative Record Index

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The Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Area Superfund Site administrative record contains documents arranged in chronological order from September 1983 to September 2002. The original administrative record file was compiled prior to the September 1989 Record of Decision (ROD) and consists of documents AR#1 - AR #44.

Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Area Superfund Site is located in Goodyear, Arizona and is divided into two components. The northern portion of the site consists of Unidynamics-Phoenix, Incorporated property and groundwater contamination emanating from the property. The southern portion of the site consists of the Loral Defense Systems and the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport property, as well as groundwater contamination emanating from these areas (see attached map).

On September 26, 1989, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a ROD for the final remedy at the Site. The ROD is an EPA document which defines the remedy necessary to protect human health and the environment. The State of Arizona concurred with the remedy selected in the 1989 ROD. In January 1991, EPA issued an Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD) #1 to explain five significant, but not fundamental, differences between the final remedy selected in the 1989 ROD and the final remedy as it would be implemented at the Site. In May 1993, April 1996, and March 1998, EPA issued ESDs #2, #3 and #4 respectively, which described several other changes to the remedy selected in the ROD.

ESD #5 (AR #14) reverses certain of the changes described in ESD #3. Specifically, ESD #3, in part, changed the air emissions treatment for the soil gas remedy at the northern portion of the Site to thermal oxidation. ESD #5, in turn, returns the air emissions treatment system to a carbon system as originally selected in the 1989 ROD.

The list of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidance documents which were considered or relied upon in the selection of the remedy is document AR #12 in the administrative record index of ESD #3. Copies of the guidance documents are contained in the Compendium of CERCLA Response Selection Guidance Documents located in the Region 9 Superfund Records Center in San Francisco.

September 24, 2002

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Administrative Record Index

EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
SDGSample delivery group
TLTransmittal letter
VLEACHModel for assessing effects on groundwater from volatile contaminants leaching through vadose zone
VOCVolatile organic compound

Administrative Record Index

Doc DateAuthor / Author AffiliateAddressee / Addressee AffiliateSubjectAR # Doc ID
1995/05/01Scott Zachary / Metcalf & Eddy, IncCraig Cooper / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9TL: Support material for inclusion of air sparging in explanation of significant difference (ESD) #3, w/attch00010217-90076
1995/05/02Sharp & Assoc, Inc-Chromium removal options for well E-1700020217-90080
1995/07/21Metcalf & Eddy, IncEnvironmental Protection Agency - Region 9Addendum A (appendix J) - Subunit A groundwater remedy acceleration air sparging system design, w/4 drawings, coversheet & TL to C Cooper fr S Zachary00030217-00162
1995/07/26N T E C Solutions Inc-Advanced affinity chromatography00040217-90081
1995/07/30Craig Cooper / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Mark Whitmore / Goodyear Tire & Rubber CoLtr: Final approval of SVE final design - polygon 96/92/27A per final remedy consent decree (01 RD complete 03)00050217-90075
1995/09/01Sharp & Assoc, IncEnvironmental Protection Agency - Region 9Proposed chromium treatment system for well E-17, w/TL to N Moore fr T Struttmann 9/5/9500060217-00163
1995/09/28Nancy Moore / AZ Dept of Environmental QualityRusty Harris-Bishop / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Ltr: Arizona approval of explanation of significant difference (ESD) #3, w/ltr fr M Bolitho to N Moore & TL00070217-90077
1995/12/22Keith Takata / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9-Explanation of significant differences (ESD) #300080217-00161
1995/12/22Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9-Public notice: EPA announces availability of explanation of significant differences (ESD) #300090217-90090
1996/01/03Elliott Freireich / West Valley Business (Newspaper)-Public notice: Affidavit of publication for EPA announcement of explanation of significant differences (ESD) #3 availability00100217-90091
1996/01/04Tom Bianco / Arizona Republic (Newspaper)-Public notice: Affidavit of publication for EPA announcement of explanation of significant differences (ESD) #3 availability00110217-90092
1996/04/05Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9-Index of selected CERCLA guidance documents for ESD #300120217-90093

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