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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Mountain View Mobile Home Estates

EPA #: AZD980735724

State: Arizona(AZ)

County: Gila

City: 2 miles from Globe

Congressional District: 04

Other Names: Globe Site

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On 10/13/17, this website will no longer be updated. Site information will be migrated to the new web page at: http://www.epa.gov/superfund/mountainviewmobilehome .
EPA appreciates your patience through this transition. If you have questions, please contact EPA staff listed below.


Description and History

NPL Listing History

NPL Status: Deleted

Proposed Date: 12/30/82

Final Date: 09/08/83

Deleted Date: 04/18/88

The 17-acre Mountain View Mobile Home Estates site was developed in 1973 on the site of the former Metate Asbestos Corporation's chrysotile asbestos mill. In 1979, asbestos contamination at the site was discovered by local health officials inspecting the waste disposal system. Small piles of asbestos mill tailings were found against the abandoned mill structures and the adjacent railroad tracks. Before 1973, three mills in the area processed chrysotile asbestos ore from nearby mines. Because they failed to meet new EPA standards for emissions, two of the mills were ordered closed by the County in 1973. Before closing, however, the owner of one of the mill sites obtained a permit to rezone the property into a residential subdivision and continued operations for several weeks while residents were moving into the mobile home community. Asbestos mill tailings were used as primary landfill material before the site was partially covered with topsoil, and the mill buildings and asbestos-laden equipment remained standing in the middle of the mobile homes. The third mill, with its large pile of asbestos mill tailings, continued to operate a few hundred yards from the mobile homes. Approximately 100 to 130 people lived in the mobile home park until 1983. As of 2013, the Town of Globe had a population of 7,400, and the adjacent Town of Miami had 1,800 residents.

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Contaminants and Risks

Contaminated Media
  • Air
  • Soil and Sludges

The air and soils on the site were contaminated with asbestos. Prior to site cleanup, area residents who came in direct contact with or accidentally ingested the asbestos-containing soil may have been at risk. In addition, in the early 1980s, inhaling asbestos fibers posed a potential for adverse health effects.

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Who is Involved

This site was addressed through Federal and State actions.

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Investigation and Cleanup Activities

Initial Actions

Initial Actions: In 1980, the State provided temporary housing for the residents while the site was decontaminated. The old mill buildings were demolished, and topsoil was used to cover the asbestos-contaminated soil. However, by 1981 wind, water, and public activity had eroded the soil covering, which again exposed the asbestos tailings. In 1982, the State of Arizona designated the site as its highest priority site for cleanup under the federal Superfund law, and EPA added the site to the National Priorities List (NPL).

Cleanup Complete

Entire Site: In 1983, after completing a remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS), EPA signed a Record of Decision (ROD), which selected a cleanup remedy for the site that included: permanently relocating the mobile home residents; cleaning the site and demolishing and burying on site all the homes and the sewage treatment plant; closing the site by covering it with either clay or a synthetic material and placing clean soil on top of the site; fencing the area; and periodically inspecting and maintaining the site. Permanent relocation of all residents was completed in 1985, and ownership of the purchased property was transferred to the State. Following relocation of the residents, the site was cleaned up. The homes and other structures were crushed and buried on site in two natural depressions. Drainage culverts and enclosed pipes were installed to reduce the potential for erosion of the cover soils. A filter fabric was placed over the entire site to act as a physical barrier to upward movement of asbestos fibers and to prevent erosion. Clean soil was placed over the filter fabric, and compacted and crushed rock was added to complete the cover. The site was fenced to protect the integrity of the cover.

In 1984, EPA and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) signed a Superfund State Contract (SSC) for 20 years in which the State agreed to maintain the site. In 2007, this SSC was amended to incorporate requirements for institutional controls (ICs) and ongoing maintenance for as long as the buried asbestos materials remain on-site.

In 1987, EPA and the State determined that the remedial action was protective of public health and the environment and that no further cleanup action was required. In 1988, the site was deleted from the NPL.

In 2007, in accordance with the requirements of the amended SSC, ADEQ recorded a Declaration of Environmental Use Restriction (DEUR) on the site. The DEUR restricts residential use of the site and requires that engineering controls and institutional controls remain in place to prevent exposure to buried asbestos and asbestos-contaminated soils.

In 2015, EPA signed an Explanation of Significant Difference (ESD) #1 to document that the site's ROD requires institutional controls and to memorialize the fact that EPA and ADEQ implemented this requirement by recording a DEUR in the chain of title for the site.

Five Year Reviews: When waste remains in place on a Superfund site, a review must be conducted every five years to evaluate the performance of the site's cleanup remedy and to determine if the remedy will continue to be protective of human health and the environment. The results from these site reviews are the following:

  • 1991 - Confirmed the effectiveness of the remedy and ensured the safety of the site.
  • 1999 - Confirmed that the remedy continued to be effective and remained protective of human health and the environment.
  • 2005 - Confirmed that the remedy was functioning as designed and that there were no environmental exposure pathways that could result in unacceptable risks. The review also concluded that no exposure pathways were expected as long as the engineered controls selected in the decision documents continued to be properly operated, monitored, and maintained and the land use at the site allowed for the continued integrity of the remedy.
  • 2010 - Confirmed that the remedy continued to be protective.
  • 2015 - Confirmed that the remedy continued to be protective.

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Cleanup Results to Date

The numerous cleanup and relocation activities conducted in the early 1980s eliminated the potential for exposure to asbestos-laden materials at the Mountain View Mobile Home Estates site. Area residents were permanently relocated, and cleanup actions successfully controlled site contamination. In 1988, EPA and the State determined that the site was safe for nearby residents and the environment, and it was deleted it from the NPL. The Five Years Reviews conducted since the completion of the cleanup remedy have continued to confirm that the implemented remedy is protective of human health and the environment.

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Potentially Responsible Parties

Potentially responsible parties (PRPs) refers to companies that are potentially responsible for generating, transporting, or disposing of the hazardous waste found at the site.

The State of Arizona became the owner of the site in 1985 and under the 1984 SSC which was amended in 2007 is responsible for long-term site maintenance.

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Community Involvement

Public Meetings:

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Public Information Repositories

The public information repositories for the site are at the following locations:

Globe Public Library
339 South Broad Street
Globe, Arizona 85501
(928) 425-6111

The most complete collection of documents is the official EPA site file, maintained at the following location:

Superfund Records Center

Mail Stop SFD-7C

95 Hawthorne Street, Room 403

San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 820-4700

Enter main lobby of 75 Hawthorne street, go to 4th floor of South Wing Annex.

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EPA Site Manager
Andria Benner
US EPA Region 9
Mail Code SFD
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
EPA Community Involvement Coordinator
Heather Parker
US EPA Region 9
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75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
EPA Public Information Center
State Contact
Don Atkinson
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
1110 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007
PRP Contact
Community Contact
Other Contacts
After Hours (Emergency Response)
(800) 424-8802

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