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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

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Anaconda Copper Mine

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Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
12/06/07 Draft Remedial Investigation Work Plan For Yerington Pit Lake (Operable Unit 2)
CoverCoversheet - Draft Pit Lake RI Work Plan 120507.pdf,Spine - Draft Pit Lake RI Work Plan 120507.pdf
Submittal Letter - December 5, 2007Submittal Letter.pdf
ReportsDraft Pit Lake RI Work Plan 120507.pdf
FiguresFigure 1-1.pdf,Figure 1-2.pdf,Figure 3-1.pdf,Figure 3-2.pdf,Figure 3-3.pdf,Figure 3-4.pdf,Figure 3-4a.pdf,Figure 3-5.pdf,Figure 3-6.pdf,Figure 3-7.pdf,Figure 3-8.pdf,Figure 3-9.pdf,Figure 3-10.pdf,Figure 3-11.pdf,Figure 5-1.pdf,Figure 5-2.pdf,Figure 5-3.pdf
Appendix AAppendix A.pdf,Appendix A - Bluesheets.pdf
Appendix BAppendix B-1.pdf,Appendix B-2.pdf,Appendix B - Bluesheets.pdf
Appendix CAppendix C - Yerington Pit Lake Investigation Reports.pdf
Appendix DAppendix D - Wind Measurement Locations and Wind Data.pdf
Appendix EAppendix E - Pit Lake Photographs Showing Seeps and Transducer Installation.pdf
Appendix FAppendix F - Bluesheet.pdf
Appendix F1Appendix F1 - Coversheet.PDF,Appendix F1 - Table F-1-1 Pit Lake Water Quality Data.pdf,Appendix F1 - Table F-1-2 Pit Highwall Springs Water Quality Data.pdf,Appendix F1 - Table F-1-3 Bedrock Groundwater Quality Data.pdf,Appendix F1 - Table F-1-4 Alluvial Groundwater Quality Data.pdf,Appendix F1 - Table F-1-5 Alluvial Groundwater Radiochemical Data.pdf
Appendix F2Appendix F2 - Trilinear Diagram.pdf
Appendix F3Appendix F3 - Boxplots of Pit Lake SW and GW Data.pdf
Appendix F4Appendix F4 - Pit Lake Hydrograph and Time Concentration Plots.pdf
Appendix F5Appendix F5 - Pit Lake Chemical Concentrations versus Depth.pdf
Appendix GAppendix G - Equipment Specifications.pdf
Appendix HAppendix H - Coversheet.pdf,JSA-009a Drilling and MonWellConstruction-Sonic.pdf,JSA-011 SurfaceSampling.pdf,JSA-013 Well Development.pdf,JSA-018 Air monitor weather station installation.pdf,JSA-021 Surface Water Sampling - GW Tracer Study.pdf,JSA-028 Pit Lake Transducer Installation.pdf,JSA-030-Quarterly Well Sampling-Low Flow Method.pdf

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