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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Newmark Groundwater Contamination

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Date Title / pdf File
11/01/07 MUSCOY OU: Meeting Minutes (Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly 2004-2007)
MEETING MINUTES (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly 2004-2007)FILES
March 2001:
Minutes3-19.doc Minutes3-26.doc

April 2001:
Minutes4-16.doc Minutes4-16(city).doc Minutes4-23.docMinutes4-30.doc

May 2001:
Minutes5-7.doc Minutes5-14.doc

June 2001:
Minutes6-4.doc Minutes6-11.doc

July 2001:

August 2001:
Minutes8-13.doc Minutes8-20.doc

September 2001:

October 2001:
Minutes10-1.doc Minutes10-15.doc Minutes10-22.doc

November 2001:
Minutes11-5.doc Minutes11-19.doc

December 2001:
2002January 2002:

February 2002:

March 2002:
Minutes3-11-02.doc Minutes3-25-02.doc

April 2002:
Minutes4-8-02.doc 4-8-02.dot 4-15-02.dot

June 2002:
6-3-02.dot 6-24-02.dot

July 2002:

October 2002:

November 2002:
2003January 2003:

March 2003:
3-10-03.doc 3-24-03.doc

June 2003:

July 2003:

August 2003:
8-4-03.doc 8-11-03.doc 8-18-03.doc 8-25-03.doc

September 2003:
9-2-03.doc 9-8-03.doc

October 2003:

November 2003:
11-3-03.doc 11-10-03.doc 11-17-03.doc 11-24-03.doc

December 2003:
12-1-03.doc 12-8-03.doc 12-15-03.doc
Weekly Telecon Meeting MinutesOctober - December 2003:

Oct to Dec 2003.pdf

January 2004:
1-5-04.pdf 1-12-04.pdf 1-26-04.pdf

February 2004:
2-9-04.pdf 2-23-04.pdf

March 2004:
3-1-04.pdf 3-8-04.pdf 3-15-04.pdf 3-22-04.pdf 3-29-04.pdf

April 2004:
4-5-04.pdf 4-12-04.pdf 4-19-04.pdf 4-26-04.pdf

May 2004:
5-4-04.pdf 5-11-04.pdf 5-18-04.pdf 5-25-04.pdf

June 2004:
6-7-04.pdf 6-14-04.pdf 6-21-04.pdf

July 2004:
7-6-04.pdf 7-12-04.pdf

August 2004:
8-2-04.pdf 8-9-04.pdf 8-16-04.pdf 8-23-04.pdf 8-30-04.pdf

September 2004:
9-7-04.pdf 9-20-04.pdf 9-27-04.pdf

October 2004:
10-4-04.pdf 10-12-04.pdf 10-18-04.pdf 10-25-04.pdf

November 2004:
11-1-04.pdf 11-8-04.pdf 11-15-04.pdf 11-22-04.pdf 11-29-04.pdf

December 2004:
12-6-04.pdf 12-13-04.pdf

January 2005:
1-4-05.pdf 1-10-05.pdf 1-18-05.pdf 1-24-05.pdf 1-31-05.pdf

February 2005:
2-7-05.pdf 2-14-05.pdf 2-23-05.pdf 2-28-05.pdf

March 2005:
3-7-05.pdf 3-14-05.pdf 3-21-05.pdf 3-28-05.pdf

April 2005:
4-11-05.pdf 4-18-05.pdf 4-25-05.pdf

May 2005:
5-2-05.pdf 5-16-05.pdf 5-23-05.pdf 5-31-05.pdf

June 2005:
6-6-05.pdf 6-13-05.pdf 6-20-05.pdf 6-27-05.pdf

July 2005:
7-11-05.pdf 7-18-05.pdf

August 2005:
8-1-05.pdf 8-8-05.pdf 8-15-05.pdf 8-22-05.pdf 8-29-05.pdf

September 2005:
9-19-05.pdf 9-26-05.pdf

October 2005:
10-3-05.pdf 10-17-05.pdf 10-24-05.pdf 10-31-05.pdf

November 2005:
11-7-05.pdf 11-14-05.pdf 11-28-05.pdf

December 2005:
12-5-05.pdf 12-19-05.pdf

January 2006:
1-17-06.pdf 1-23-06.pdf 1-30-06.pdf

February 2006:
2-6-06.pdf 2-13-06.pdf 2-21-06.pdf 2-27-06.pdf

March 2006:
3-6-06.pdf 3-13-06.pdf 3-20-06.pdf 3-27-06.pdf

April 2006:
4-3-06.pdf 4-10-06.pdf 4-17-06.pdf 4-24-06.pdf

May 2006:
5-1-06.pdf 5-08-06.pdf 5-15-06.pdf 5-22-06.pdf

June 2006:
6-5-06.pdf 6-12-06.pdf

July 2006:
7-10-06.pdf 7-17-06.pdf 7-24-06.pdf 7-31-06.pdf

August 2006:
8-7-06.pdf 8-21-06.pdf 8-28-06.pdf

September 2006:
9-6-06.pdf 9-11-06.pdf 9-18-06.pdf 9-25-06.pdf

October 2006:
10-2-06.pdf 10-10-06.pdf 10-16-06.pdf 10-23-06.pdf 10-30-06.pdf

November 2006:
11-6-06.pdf 11-13-06.pdf 11-20-06.pdf 11-27-06.pdf

December 2006:
12-04-06.pdf 12-11-06.pdf 12-18-06.pdf

January 2007:
1-8-07.pdf 1-16-07.pdf 1-22-07.pdf

February 2007:
2-5-07.pdf 2-12-07.pdf 2-20-07.pdf

March 2007:
3-5-07.pdf 3-12-07.pdf 3-19-07.pdf 3-26-07.pdf

April 2007:
4-2-07.pdf 4-9-07.pdf 4-16-07.pdf 4-23-07.pdf 4-30-07.pdf

May 2007:
5-7-07.pdf 5-14-07.pdf 5-21-07.pdf

June 2007:
6-4-07.pdf 6-11-07.pdf 6-18-07.pdf 6-25-07.pdf

July 2007:
7-2-07.pdf 7-9-07.pdf

August 2007:
7-23-07.pdf 7-30-07.pdf

September 2007:
8-6-07.pdf 8-13-07.pdf 8-27-07.pdf

October 2007:
Biweekly Meeting MinutesMuscoy 19th St. Plant Bi-Weekly Construction Meeting Minutes.pdf
Monthly Meeting Minutes2004:

Muscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _7-28-04_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _8-25-04_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _9-22-04_.pdf
Muscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _10-20-04_.pdf


Muscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _01-27-05_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _03-03-05_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _04-05-05_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _05-09-05_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _07-28-05_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Monthly Meeting Minutes _10-12-05_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Technical Meeting Minutes _12-14-05_.pdf


Muscoy 19th St. Plant Technical Meeting Minutes _02-16-06_.pdf
Muscoy 19th St. Plant Technical Meeting Minutes B_03-08-06_.pdfMuscoy 19th St. Plant Technical Meeting Minutes _04-27-06_.pdf

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