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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Coalinga Asbestos Mine

Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
09/28/06 Five Year Review Report for Atlas Asbestos Mine Superfund Site And Coalinga Asbestos Mine

Five-Year Review Report for Atlas Asbestos Mine and Coalinga Asbestos Mine Superfund Site:

Table of Content, Signature page, Text and Tables...etc.:
Title Page to Section 4.3.2
Pages 1-30 from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final.pdf
Inspection Summaries...etc.:
Table 4-1 to Section 6.6
Pages 31-45 from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-2.pdf
Technical Assessment...etc.:
Section 7.1 to Section 7.4
Pages 46-52 Tech_Assess from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-4.pdf
Issues & Recommendations to References...etc.:
Section 8.1 to Section 11.2
Pages 53-60 Issues Recomen_ References from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-5.pdf
Appendix A, B, CPages 61-74 Appendix A_B_C from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final.pdf
Attachment 1 to Attachment 2Pages 75-102 Site Inspe_Checklist_List of Photos from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-7.pdf
Appendix C2 and D2-1Pages 103-132 Appendix C2_D from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-8.pdf
Attachment 1 to Attachment 4Pages 133-164 Appendix D2 from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final.pdf
Appendix E and FPages 165-172 Appendix E_F from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-2.pdf
Appendix GPages 173- 235 Appendix Gfrom 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-11.pdf
Appendix H and IPages 236-250 Appendix H_I from 5YearReview_AtlasCoalinga_Final-12.pdf

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