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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations


Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
09/19/06 Third Five-Year Review for Stringfellow Superfund Site Riverside, County, California

Thrid Five-Year Review Report for Stringfellow Superfund Site Riverside County, CAlifornia - September 19, 2006:
Page 1-22 - Signature page, Txt, and Tables
Pages 1-22 from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final.pdf
Page 23- 32: Remedial ActionsPages 23-32 RA from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-2.pdf
Page 33-44 : Review Process, Document Review, Site Inspection PhotosPages 33-44 Review Process_Document Review_Photos from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-3.pdf
Page 45-57 : Technical Assessment, Issues and Recommendations, and Follow-Up Actions, Protective StatementPages 45-56 TA_Issues_Follow Up_Recmendation from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-4.pdf
Page 57-76 : Reference, Appendix A and BPages 57-76 References_Appdx A_B from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-5.pdf
Page 77-103:
Appendix C: Site Inspection Photographs, April 10 and 11, 2006
D: Interview Summary Forms
E: Institutional Control Review
Pages 77-103 Appndx C_D_E  from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-6.pdf
Page 104-152:
Appendix attachment E1: Preliminary Title Reports
attachment E2: 1986 Plume Boundary used by Department of
Environmental Health
Pages 104-152 Appndx E1_E2 from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-7.pdf
Page 153-169:
Appendix F: Regulatory Review
G: Toxicology Review
Pages 153-169 Appndx F_G from Final_Stringfellow_5YR_Final-8.pdf

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