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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Newmark Groundwater Contamination

Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
09/01/06 MUSCOY OU: Performance Evaluation Monthly Progress Report for January 2006
Title PageTitle Pages.pdf
Table of ContentsTable of Contents.pdf
Section 1.0 - Section 8.0 :

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Project Background
2.1 Site Hydrogeology
2.2 Facilities Description

3.0 Progress Report Objectives
3.1 Operational Evaluation
3.2 Performance Evaluation

4.0 Methodology
4.1 Operations Evaluation Methodology
4.2 Performance Evaluation Methodology

5.0 Monthly Results and Discussion
5.1 Operational Evaluation Results
5.2 Performance Evaluation Results

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations
6.1 Conclusions
6.2 Recommendations

7.0 Activities in the Next Monitoring Period

8.0 References
1.0 Introduction - 8.0 References.pdf
Figures :

1-1 Operable Unit Locations
2-1 Location of Major Features

4-1 Flowline Capture in Shallow Aquifer

4-2 Flowline Capture in Intermediate Zone

5-1 Muscoy Pumping Rates
5-2 Groundwater Elevations in Extraction Well Piezometers
5-3 Groundwater Elevations in Monitoring Wells
Figures (1).pdf

Figures (2).pdf

Figures (3).pdf

Figures (4).pdf
Tables :

2-1 Newmark and Muscoy OU RD/RA Timeline
2-2 Muscoy OU Extraction Well Construction Details
2-3 Muscoy OU Monitoring Well Construction Details
2-4 Hydrostratigraphic Zones for Newmark and Muscoy Water-Level and Plume Delineation
3-1 Muscoy Project Event and Deliverable Tracker
4-1 Groundwater Elevation Collection Methods and Frequencies
4-2 Muscoy Plume Extraction System Performance Monitoring Sampling Locations and Rationale
5-1 19th Street Treatment Plant Operational Issue Status
5-2 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station Operational Issue Status
5-3 Extraction Well Operational Issue Status
5-4 Monitoring Well Operational Issue Status
5-5 Summary of Muscoy OU O&M - GAC Treatment Plant
5-6 Summary of Treatment Plant Flow Data and Mass Removal Estimates November 2005
5-7 Summary of Muscoy O&M - Extraction Wells
5-8 Summary of Extraction Well Flow Data
5-9 3-Month Rolling Average Extraction Volume and Extraction Rate Calculations
5-10 Summary of Newmark OU O&M - Water-Level Monitoring
5-11 Muscoy Plume Groundwater Elevations Used for Contouring
5-12 Extraction and Monitoring Well Monitoring Results - PCE and TCE
5-13 Treatment Plant Monitoring Results - PCE and TCE
5-14 Summary of Compliance with Performance Criteria
Appendix A : Final Inspections - Attachment AAppendix A.pdf
Appendix B : Monthly Performance Inspection Checklist - January 2006Appendix B.pdf
Appendix C : SCADA Inventory and Operational Issues (SBMWD)Appendix C.pdf
Appendix D : Muscoy OU Operations and Treatment Report (SBMWD) - January 2006Appendix D.pdf
Appendix E : Muscoy OU Extraction and Monitoring Well HydrographsAppendix E.pdf
Appendix F : Muscoy OU Concentration Plots for Individual WellsAppendix F.pdf
Appendix G : Muscoy OU Concentration Plots for Well GroupsAppendix G.pdf

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