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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Anaconda Copper Mine

Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
08/30/07 Draft Process Areas (OU-3) Remedial Investigation Workplan
CoverDraft Process Areas RI Work Plan 083007 Coversheet.pdf
Submittal LetterSubmittal Letter 8-30-07.pdf
TextDraft Process Areas RI Work Plan 083007 TEXT.pdf
FiguresFigure 1-1.pdf,Figure 1-2.pdf,Figure 2-1.pdf,Figure 2-2.pdf,Figure 2-3.pdf,Figure 2-4.pdf,Figure 2-5.pdf,Figure 4-1.pdf,Figure 4-2.pdf,Figure 6-1.pdf,Figure 6-2.pdf,Figure 6-3.pdf,Figure 6-4.pdf,Figure 6-5.pdf,Figure 6-6.pdf,Figure 6-7.pdf,Figure 6-8.pdf,Figure 6-9.pdf,Figure 6-10.pdf,Figure 6-11.pdf,Figure 6-12.pdf,Figure 6-13.pdf,Figure 6-14.pdf,Figure 6-15.pdf,Figure 6-16.pdf,Figure 6-17.pdf,Figure 6-18.pdf,Figure 6-19.pdf,Figure 6-20.pdf,Figure 6-21.pdf,Figure 6-22.pdf,Figure 6-23.pdf,Figure 6-24.pdf,Figure 6-25.pdf,Figure 6-26.pdf
Appendix AAppendix A Coversheet.pdf,ProcAreasHHRAWP_All.pdf
Appendix BAppendix B1 Coversheet.pdf,Appendix B-1_Diagram1.pdf,Appendix B-1_Diagram2.pdf,Appendix B-1_Diagram3.pdf,Appendix B2 -- Copper Technical Resource Document.pdf,Appendix B2 Coversheet.pdf,Appendix B3 Coversheet.pdf,Appendix B-3_Photo1955.pdf,Appendix B-3_Photo1962.pdf,Appendix B-3_Photo1965A.pdf,Appendix B-3_Photo1965B.pdf,Appendix B-3_Photo1968.pdf
Appendix CAppC1_Dft_EcoInv_082707.pdf,Appendix C1 Coversheets.pdf,AppC2_Dft_082807_ALL.pdf,Appendix C2 Coversheet.pdf,App C Coversheet .pdf
Appendix DAppendix D1 Coversheet.pdf,GSD Graphs.xls,GSD Graphs Figure D-1.pdf,GSD Graphs Figure D-2.pdf,Particle Size Dist Rpt.pdf,Appendix D Coversheet.pdf
Appendix E

E1- Rationale for Sampling
App E-1 2004-05 Soil Sample Rationale.pdf,Appendix E1 Coversheet.pdf,Sub-Area1.pdf,Sub-Area1.pdf,Sub-Area2.pdf,Sub-Area3.pdf,Sub-Area4.pdf,Sub-Area5.pdf,Sub-Area6.pdf,Sub-Area7.pdf,Sub-Area8.pdf,Sub-Area9.pdf,Sub-Area10.pdf,Sub-Area11.pdf,Sub-Area12.pdf,Sub-Area12A.pdf,Sub-Area12B.pdf,Sub-Area12C.pdf,Sub-Area12D.pdf,Sub-Area12E.pdf,Sub-AreaElectricalTransformers.pdf,Sub-AreaPipeline1_Pregnant.pdf,Sub-AreaPipeline2_Spent.pdf,Sub-AreaPipeline3_Acid.pdf,Sub-AreaPipeline4_Fuel.pdf,Sub-AreaPipeline5_Drains.pdf,Sub-AreaPipeline6_Sewer.pdf,Sub-AreaStainedSoils.pdf
Appendix E

E2 - Results
Appendix E2 Coversheet.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 1.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 2.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 3.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 4.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 5.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 6.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 7.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 8.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 9.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 10.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 11.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Area 12.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Electrical Transformers.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Stained Soils.pdf,Appendix Results by Class Utility Pipeline.pdf,Summary Stats by Area.pdf
Appendix E

E3 - ABP
ABP Charts.pdf,Appendix E3 Coversheet.pdf
Appendix F - CoversheetAppendix F Coversheet.pdf
Appendix F

F1 - Box Plots-IVPs
Appendix F1 Coversheet.pdf,SoilGraphsr6.pdf
Appendix F

F2 - Oblique Subsurface Perspective
Appendix F2 - 3D Illustrations.pdf,Appendix F2 Coversheet.pdf
Appendix G - CoversheetAppendix G Coversheet.pdf
Appendix G

G1 - Grab Sample Analytical Results
Appendix G1 Coversheet.pdf,GW Grab Samples Anal Results 2004-5.pdf
Appendix G

G2 - Monitoring Well Hydrographs and Time Concentration Plots
Appendix G2 Coversheet.pdf,GW MW Samples Anal Results 2004-5.pdf,PA-MWsTimeConcnetrationcharts.pdf
Appendix HAppendix H Coversheet.pdf,BoxplotsExplanationPage.pdf,PA_GW_boxplotsRads.pdf,PA_GWBoxplots.PDF
Appendix IAppendix I Coversheet.pdf,AppendixI-1.pdf,ContourMethodology.pdf
Appendix JAppendix J Coversheet.pdf,plotexplanationpage.pdf,Soil Depth vs Concentration plot with RPRGs and BVs.pdf
Appendix K - CoversheetAppendix K Coversheet.pdf
Appendix K

K1 - Radiometric Survey Tools
Appendix K1 Coversheet.pdf,Ludlum_m44-20.pdf,Ludlum_m2241-2.pdf,Ludlum_m2241-3.pdf,Niton_XLp_300_PCS.pdf
Appendix K

K2 - Lead Based Paint Analytical Tool
Appendix K2 Coversheet.pdf,Niton_XLp_300_ProductSpec.pdf
Appendix LAppendix L Coversheet.pdf,JSA-009a Drilling and Mon Well Construction-Sonic.pdf,JSA-010 Excavation Sampling.pdf,JSA-011 Surface Sampling.pdf,JSA-012 Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling.pdf,JSA-013 Well Development.pdf,JSA-017 RCA Sampling and Excavation.pdf

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