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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

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Date Title / pdf File
01/10/11 Final Remedial Investigation Report
Main Contents2011-01-05_AMCO_RI_Report_Final.pdf 2011-01-05_AMCO_RI_Report_Final.pdf [10.6MB]
Appendix A - Interim MemorandumsAppendix_A_Memorandums.pdf Appendix_A_Memorandums.pdf [12.1MB]
Appendix B - Boring and CPT Logs, Well and Probe Data, Aquifer Test Data, Survey InformationAppendix B_BoringLogs.pdf Appendix B_BoringLogs.pdf [13.8MB]
Appendix C - Field Methods and Procedures2010-AppC-Field_Procedures-.pdf 2010-AppC-Field_Procedures-.pdf
Appendix D - Data Quality and Usability AssessmentAppendix_D_DQUA_AMCO.pdf Appendix_D_DQUA_AMCO.pdf [15.0MB]
Appendix E - Comprehensive Analytical DataAppendix E_AnalyticData_120310.pdf Appendix E_AnalyticData_120310.pdf
Appendix F - Removal ActionAppendix_F_SoilRemovalAction.pdf Appendix_F_SoilRemovalAction.pdf
Appendix G - Natural Attenuation Evaluation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in GroundwaterAppendixG_2010-Dec03.pdf AppendixG_2010-Dec03.pdf
Appendix H - Human Health Risk Assessment
Attachment 5 - ATSDR 1,1,2,2 - tetrachloroethane
Attachment 6 - General UCL Statistics for Data Sets with Non-Defects
Appendix_H_HHRA_Dec_2010.pdf Appendix_H_HHRA_Dec_2010.pdf [20,4MB]
Attachment5_ATSDR_ToxFAQs.pdf Attachment5_ATSDR_ToxFAQs.pdf
Attachment6_ProUCL_Air_Soil_GW.pdf Attachment6_ProUCL_Air_Soil_GW.pdf
Note: Because of space requirements, all sub-appendix reports are not posted but are available on CD

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