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Agency Delegations

Hawaii State Agency

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NSPS - 40 CFR Part 60
AGeneral Provision
DFossil-Fuel Steam Generator Constructed After August 17, 1971
DaElectric Utility Steam Generating Units Constructed After September 18, 1978
DbIndustrial-Commercial-Institutional Steam Generating Units
DcSmall Industrial Steam Generating Units
EaMunicipal Waste Combustors Constructed After December 20, 1989 and On Or Before September 20, 1994
EbMunicipal Waste Combustors Constructed After September 20, 1994
FPortland Cement Plants
IHot Mix Asphalt Facilities
JPetroleum Refineries
KaStorage Vessels for Petroleum Liquids for Which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After May 18, 1978, and Prior to July 23, 1984
KbVolatile Organic Liquid Storage Vessels (Including Petroleum Liquid Storage Vessels) for Which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After July 23, 1984
OSewage Treatment Plants
YCoal Preparation Plants
AASteel Plants: Electric Arc Furnaces Constructed After October 21, 1974 and On or Before August 17, 1983
AAaSteel Plants: Electric Arc Furnaces and Argon-Oxygen Decarburization Vessels Constructed After August 7, 1983
GGStationary Gas Turbines
VVEquipment Leaks of VOC in the Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry
WWBeverage Can Surface Coating Industry
XXBulk Gasoline Terminals
GGGEquipment Leaks of VOC in Petroleum Refineries
JJJPetroleum Dry Cleaners
NNNVolatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions From Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry (SOCMI) Distillation
OOONonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants
QQQVOC Emissions From Petroleum Refinery Wastewater Systems
UUUCalciners and Dryers in Mineral Industries
VVVPolymeric Coating of Supporting Substrates Facilities
WWWMunicipal Solid Waste Landfills
AAAASmall Municipal Waste Combustion Units for Which Construction is Commenced After August 30, 1999 or for Which Modification or Reconstruction is Commenced After June 6, 2001
CCCCCommercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units for Which Construction is Commenced After November 30, 1999 or for Which Modification or Reconstruction Is Commenced on or After June 1, 2001
NESHAP - 40 CFR Part 61
AGeneral Provisions
JEquipment Leaks (Fugitive Emission Sources) of Benzene
VEquipment Leaks (Fugitive Emission Sources)
BBBenzene Emissions From Benzene Transfer Operations
FFBenzene Waste Operations

Delegation Documents
February 28, 2006NSPS Delegation Letter (PDF, 112 K, About PDF )
January 30, 2006NSPS Delegation Letter (PDF, 109 K, About PDF )
January 17, 2006Federal Register Notice (PDF, 105 K, About PDF )
August 2, 2005Memorandum Of Agreement (PDF, 175 K, About PDF )
MOA between HDOH and EPA Region 9 for NESHAP delegations
November 5, 2004NSPS/NESHAPs Delegation Letter (PDF, 67 K, About PDF )

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Note: The EPA has attempted to ensure that the delegations information presented on this web site accurately reflects the actions published in the Federal Register. If there are discrepancies, however, the Federal Register is the official record.

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