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Part 218 Chicago Area VOC Rules
Part 218 - Z Dry Cleaners
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Applicability for Petroleum Solvent Dry Cleaners

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The provisions of Sections 218.607 through 218.610 of this Part shall apply to petroleum solvent dry cleaning sources that:

a) Have maximum theoretical emissions of 90.7 Mg (100 tons) or more per calendar year of VOM, and are not limited to less than 90.7 Mg (100 tons) of VOM emissions per calendar year in the absence of air pollution control equipment through production or capacity limitations contained in a federally enforceable permit or a SIP revision; or

b) Have a potential to emit 22.7 Mg (25 tons) or more of VOM per year.

(Source: Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 1945, effective January 24, 1994)