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Part 283 General Procedures For Emissions Tests Averaging
Part 283 - B Procedures For Averaging of Test Results
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Criteria for Averaging Tests

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68 FR 24885
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Emissions tests results for an emission unit shall be averaged to determine compliance with the applicable limitation, standard, or permit conditions, provided that all of the following conditions are met:
      a) The emission unit is classified as a continuous steady-state unit, a cyclic steady-state unit, or another qualifying unit;

      b) At least three valid test runs are conducted, subject, however, to the provisions of Section 283.240(c) of this Part; and

      c) Each of the test runs to be averaged is performed according to the test plan submitted to the Agency prior to the test, pursuant to the provisions of Section 283.220 of this Part, or as may otherwise be modified and approved, according to the provisions of Section 283.230 of this Part.