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Part 218 Chicago Area VOC Rules
Part 218 - F Coating Operations
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Daily limits for locomotive coating

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218.205 (f)
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218.205 (f)
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f) No owner or operator of an existing diesel-electric locomotive coating line in Cook County, subject to the limitations of Section 218.204(m) of this Part shall apply coatings to diesel-electric locomotives on the subject coating line unless the requirements of subsection (f)(1) or (f)(2) of this Section are met.

1) For each coating line which applies multiple coatings, all of which are subject to the same numerical emission limitation within Section 218.204(m) above, during the same day (e.g., all coatings used on the line are subject to 0.42 kg/l [3.5 lbs/gal]), the daily-weighted average VOM content shall not exceed the coating VOM content limit corresponding to the category of coating used, or

2) For each coating line which applies coatings subject to more than one numerical emission limitation in Section 218.204(m) above, during the same day, the owner or operator shall have a site specific proposal approved by the Agency and approved by the USEPA as a SIP revision. To receive approval, the requirements of USEPA's Emissions Trading Policy Statement (and related policy) must be satisfied.