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Part 212 Visible and Particulate Matter Emissions
Part 212 - K Fugitive Particulate Matter
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Operating Program

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64 FR 37847
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a) The emission units described in Sections 212.304 through 212.308 and Section 212.316 of this Subpart shall be operated under the provisions of an operating program, consistent with the requirements set forth in Sections 212.310 and 212.312 of this Subpart, and prepared by the owner or operator and submitted to the Agency for its review. Such operating program shall be designed to significantly reduce fugitive particulate matter emissions.

b) The amendment to this Section incorporating the applicability of Section 212.316 shall apply by May 11, 1993, or upon initial start-up, whichever occurs later.

(Source: Amended at 20 Ill. Reg.7605, effective May 22, 1996)