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State of Illinois
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Part 203 Major Stationary Sources Construction and Modification
Part 203 - C Requirements for Major Stationary Sources in Nonattainment Areas
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Lowest Achievable Emission Rate

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68 FR 25504
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The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) approved revisions to their State Implementation Plan for Air Permit Rules which became effective in the State of Indiana on March 10, 1998. The IEPA submitted them to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) on August 31, 1998. The US EPA approved them on May 13, 2003, and they became effective on July 14, 2003. This revision deals with the Lowest Achievable Emissions Rate. Attached below are the Direct Final Rule Federal Register, the Proposed Rule Federal Register, and the Rule Revisions. (Source: Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 5674, effective March 10, 1998)
FR2003_ConstructionAndModificationPermitRuleAmendments(MajorNSROnly)_IL184_DFR.pdf FR2003_ConstructionAndModificationPermitRuleAmendments(MajorNSROnly)_IL184_PR.pdf IL184_Construction-and-Modification-Permit-Rule-Amendments-(Magor-NSR-Only)_Part203(C)(203_301).pdf