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Part 217 Nitrogen Oxides
Part 217 - V Electric Power Generation
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NOx Averaging

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66 FR 32769
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a) Notwithstanding Section 217.706(a) of this Subpart, the owners or operators of EGUs listed in Appendix F of this Part and the owner or operator of Soyland Power may elect to demonstrate compliance with this Subpart by averaging for the ozone control period the NOx emission rates with any EGU listed in Appendix F or any EGU at Soyland Power’s Alsey Illinois facility that commenced commercial operation on or before January 1, 2000.

b) The average NOx emission rate for all EGUs being averaged pursuant to this Section must not exceed 0.25 lbs/mmbtu and shall be determined as follows:

ERavg = (Sum for i=1 to n of (HIi ERi)) / (Sum for i=1 to n of (HIi))


ERavg = average emission rate in lbs/mmbtu of all EGUs in averaging demonstration

HIi = heat input for the ozone control period of EGU i, in mmbtu, as specified in the NOx averaging demonstration

ERi = actual NOx emission rate of EGU i, in lbs/mmbtu, as specified in the NOx averaging demonstration

n = number of EGUs that are averaging

c) Averaging under this Subpart must be authorized through federally enforceable permit conditions for such EGU.

d) An EGU may be included in only one NOx averaging demonstration during an ozone control period.

e) Compliance by averaging for each ozone control period must be demonstrated by November 30 following each ozone control period.

f) If averaging is used to demonstrate compliance with this Subpart, the effect of a failure to demonstrate such compliance shall be that the compliance status of each EGU shall be determined pursuant to Section 217.706(a) as if the NOx emission rates of such EGUs were not averaged.

g) The owner or operator of any EGU that elects to participate in an averaging demonstration to demonstrate compliance with this Subpart cannot average with any other EGU for which the owner or operator of such EGU does not maintain the required records, data, and reports, or does not submit copies of such records, data, or reports to the Agency upon request.

(Source: Added at 25 Ill. Reg.5914, effective April 17, 2001)