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Part 241 Clean Fuel Fleet
Part 241 - B General Requirements
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a) The requirements of this Part shall apply to owners or operators of covered fleets. Covered fleets include distributed and partially covered fleets.

b) Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this Section, an owner or operator of a covered fleet who owns, operates, or controls motor vehicles which are located or primarily operated in the covered area, but are regulated by the state of Indiana or Wisconsin as part of that state's Clean Fuel Fleet Program, as required by section 246 of the CAA, are only required to comply with the requirements of Section 241.115 of this Subpart.

c) A fleet owner or operator who owns or leases fewer than ten covered fleet vehicles shall become a covered fleet owner or operator on the date that the owner or operator acquires legal or equitable title to a motor vehicle which causes such fleet owner's or operator's fleet to equal or exceed ten covered fleet vehicles.