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Part 215 Statewide VOC Rules
Part 215 - Z Dry Cleaners
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Inspection and repair of leaks

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a) The owner or operator of a petroleum solvent dry cleaning facility shall conduct the following visual inspections on a weekly basis:

1) Washers, dryers, solvent filters, settling tanks, vacuum stills and containers and conveyors of petroleum solvent shall be inspected for visible leaks of solvent liquid.

2) Pipes, hoses and fittings shall be inspected for active dripping or dampness.

3) Pumps and filters shall be inspected for leaks around seals and access covers.

4) Gaskets and seals shall be inspected for wear and defects.

b) Leaks of petroleum solvent liquid and vapors shall be repaired within three working days of detection, unless necessary replacement parts are not on site.

1) If necessary, repair parts shall be ordered within three working days of detection of the leak.

2) The leak shall be repaired within three days of delivery of necessary parts.

(Source: Added at 11 Ill. Reg. 7296, effective April 3, 1987)