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Part 219 St. Louis Area VOC Rules
Part 219 - Z Dry Cleaners
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Operating Practices for Petroleum Solvent Dry Cleaners

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In order to minimize fugitive solvent emissions, the owner or operator of a petroleum solvent dry cleaning source shall employ good housekeeping practices including the following:

a) General Housekeeping Requirements

1) Equipment containing solvent (washers, dryers, extractors and filters) shall remain closed at all times except during load transfer and maintenance. Lint filter and button trap covers shall remain closed except when solvent-laden material is being removed.

2) Cans, buckets, barrels and other containers of solvent or of solvent-laden material shall be covered except when in use.

3) Solvent-laden material shall be exposed to the atmosphere only for the minimum time necessary for load transfer.

b) Installation and operation of equipment:

1) All cartridge filters shall be enclosed and operated in accordance with the procedures and specifications recommended by the manufacturer for the cartridge filter. After installation, the cartridges shall be inspected, monitored and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations; and

2) Vents on containers for new solvent and for solvent-containing waste shall be constructed and maintained so as to minimize solvent vapor emissions. Criteria for the minimization of solvent vapor emissions include the elimination of solvent buckets and barrels standing open to the atmosphere, and the repair of gaskets and seals that expose solvent-rich environments to the atmosphere, to be determined through visual inspection.

(Source: Amended at 17 Ill. Reg. 16918, effective September 27, 1993)