December 29, 2003


Janet McCabe, Assistant Commissioner
Office of Air Management
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
100 North Senate Avenue
P.O. Box 6015
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6015

Dear Ms. McCabe:

This letter is in regards to your June 30, 2003, letter to Cheryl Newton concerning the Section 112(l) of the Clean Air Act delegation for the State of Indiana. Under the provisions contained in the July 8, 1997, Federal Register notice approving Indiana’s program for receiving delegation of Section 112(l) standards, you have requested delegation of implementation and enforcement authority of additional Part 63 Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards.

You have requested delegation of the standards for polyurethane foam, portland cement, hazardous waste combustion, oil and natural gas production, natural gas transmission and storage, publically owned treatment works, pulp and paper - non-combustion, phosphoric acid manufacturing, phosphate fertilizer production, tanks - level 1, containers, surface impoundments, individual drain systems, closed vent systems, equipment leaks - level 1, equipment leaks - level 2, oil-water separators, storage vessels - level 2, generic MACT, pesticide active ingredient production, mineral wool production, and wool fiberglass manufacturing, i.e., Part 63 MACT Standard Subpart III, LLL, EEE, HH, HHH, VVV, S, AA, BB, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU, VV, WW, YY, MMM, DDD, and NNN, respectively. We find that the State of Indiana’s rules 326 Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) 20-22, 326 IAC 20-27, 326 IAC 20-28, 326 IAC 20-30, 326 IAC 20-31, 326 IAC 20-32, 326 IAC 20-33, 326 IAC 20-34, 326 IAC 20-35, 326 IAC 20-36, 326 IAC 20-37, 326 IAC 20-38, 326 IAC 20-39, 326 IAC 20-40, 326 IAC 20-41, 326 IAC 20-42, 326 IAC 20-43, 326 IAC 20-44, 326 IAC 20-45, 326 IAC 20-46, and 326 IAC 20-47 pursuant to Section 112(l) are at least as stringent as the Federal standards. Therefore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency delegates to Indiana the implementation and enforcement authority for the Part 63 Subparts III, LLL, EEE, HH, HHH, VVV, S, AA, BB, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU, VV, WW, YY, MMM, DDD, and NNN MACT Standards.

This letter amends the delegation of Section 112 standards for Part 70 and non-Part 70 sources already delegated to the State. The existing delegation includes the standards for the general provisions and for coke oven batteries (phase I), commercial sterilization, chromium electroplating, magnetic tape manufacturing, wood furniture manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing and rework, petroleum refineries, marine tank vessel loading, printing and publishing facilities, group I polymers and resins, epoxy resins and non-nylon polyamids, group IV polymers and resins, perchloroethylene dry cleaning facilities, industrial process cooling towers, halogenated solvent cleaning, gasoline distribution, hazardous organic national emission standard for hazardous air pollutants, off-site waste recovery operations, and primary aluminum reduction, i.e., Part 63 MACT Standard Subparts A, L, O, N, EE, JJ, GG, CC, Y, KK, U, W, JJJ, M, Q, T, R, F, G, H, I, DD, and LL respectively.

A notice announcing these delegations will be published in the Federal Register in the near future. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact Sam Portanova, of my staff, at (312) 886-3189.

Sincerely yours,


Stephen Rothblatt, Director
Air and Radiation Division

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