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FY 2012 State Partnership Agreements

Current Planning Document
IllinoisFY2012-2013 Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - Performance Partnership Agreement

IEPA-EPA FY2012 2013 PPA - Signature.pdfIEPA-EPA FY2012 2013 PPA - Signature.pdfAttachment A  Bureau of Air.pdfAttachment A Bureau of Air.pdfAttachment B Bureau of Land.pdfAttachment B Bureau of Land.pdfAttachment C Bureau of Water.pdfAttachment C Bureau of Water.pdfIEPA ARDP.pdfIEPA ARDP.pdfIEPA-EPA FY2012 2013 PPA - Agreement.pdfIEPA-EPA FY2012 2013 PPA - Agreement.pdf
FY 2011-2013 Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Performance Partnership Agreement
IDEM 2011-2013 signed EnPPA.pdfIDEM 2011-2013 signed EnPPA.pdf
MichiganFY 2012 - Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Performance Partnership Agreement (Work Plan)
FY 12 MDEQ Section 105.pdfFY 12 MDEQ Section 105.pdf
MinnesotaFY 2010-2012 Minnesota Performance Partnership Agreement
MN FY09- 12 PPG Workplan Final.xls
OhioFY 2012 Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's Performance Partnership Agreement (Work Plan)
Signed OEPA 2012-2013 PPA.pdfSigned OEPA 2012-2013 PPA.pdf
WisconsinFY 2012 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Performance Partnership Agreement.


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