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Honorable John Engler
Governor of  Michigan                                                  
Lansing, Michigan  48909

Dear Governor  Engler:

I was very pleased to learn from your April 17, 1996 letter to
Administrator Carol Browner that the State of Michigan has joined the
United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Green Lights
Program.  Welcome on board.  We are happy that Michigan has said "yes"
to Green Lights.  Voluntary partnerships through the Green Lights
Program have proven to be a successful way to reduce pollutants that
contribute to smog, acid rain, and global warming.  Your participation
in the Green Lights Program certainly establishes the State of
Michigan as a leader and serves as a model for other potential
partners in the public and private sectors.

I was also pleased to read about the progress that the State of
Michigan has made to date on the many environmental projects that you
referred to in your letter.   The benefit to the environment from
these programs is potentially the equivalent of planting 35,525 acres
of  trees or taking 17,150 cars off of the road annually.

During your transition to Green Lights we are committed to assisting
you with technical issues and  helping you  publicize the
environmental and economic benefits of your progress.  I  look forward
to a successful energy efficient future in the State of Michigan and
offer my support in  your efforts.  If you have any questions, please
contact me, or Audrie Washington (312-886-0669), our Green Lights
Program Manager.

Sincerely yours,


Valdas V. Adamkus
Regional Administrator

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