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December 27, 1999

Michael Sandusky, Director
Environmental Outcomes Division
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Mr. Sandusky:

I wish to commend you for the efforts that you have given to the implementation and deployment of Minnesota’s PM2.5 monitoring network.

I would like to convey my concerns with Minnesota’s PM2.5 data completeness. To date, none of Minnesota’s Calendar year 1999 PM2.5 data has been entered into the Agency’s Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS). The State’s PM2.5 program must comply with the regulations contained in 40 CFR, Part 58 Section 35 which states that the data must be submitted to AIRS ninety days after the end of the reporting period which is the calendar quarter.

Please be aware that this program has had special emphasis placed on it by Congress and will be reviewed as a part of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that compliance with the regulatory requirements is maintained by all States receiving Section 103 funds to implement the PM2.5 monitoring program.

I realize the State was not able to monitor for the first quarter of 1999. However, I am requesting that Minnesota submit a time line as to when the data from the second through third quarters of Calendar Year 1999 will be submitted to AIRS as well as an assessment of whether or not the Calendar Year 1999 fourth quarter data will be entered by the required due date of March 31, 2000. A response to these inquiries would be appreciated by December 31, 1999.

I appreciate the efforts your staff has put forth to establish and operate the PM2.5 monitoring network. If there is any assistance that we could provide to you to overcome this last hurdle, please do not hesitate to ask.



Margaret Guerriero, Acting Director
Air and Radiation Division

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