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January 20, 1997

Richard Zeiler
Air Monitoring Branch
Office of Air Management
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Attention: Shadeland Office
105 South Meridian
P.O. Box 6015
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6015

Dear Mr. Zeiler:

Thank you for submitting a request to waive the new PM10 monitoring requirement of 1 in 3 day to 1 in 6 day sampling. The required analysis was conducted at Region 5 to verify continuing the 1 in 6 day sampling frequency at those sites operating for the 1998 season except 180890022 and 181270023 which were listed in your request as operating continously. Below is a listing of the approved sites which can continue to sample once every sixth day.

180030004 Fort Wayne Allen Co.
180030012 Fort Wayne Allen Co.
180190005 Jeffersonville Clark Co.
180330002 DeKalb Co.
180372001 Jasper Dubois Co.
180730002 Jasper Co.
180730003 Jasper Co.
180890004 East Chicago Lake Co.
180890006 East Chicago Lake Co.
180890014 East Chicago Lake Co.
180891003 Gary Lake Co.
180891016 Gary Lake Co.
180892004 Hammond Lake Co.
180892007 Hammond Lake Co.
180950007 Anderson Madison Co.
180950008 Anderson Madison Co.
180950009 Anderson Madison Co.
180970006 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970011 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970035 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970042 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970043 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970060 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970066 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970071 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970073 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180970074 Indianapolis Marion Co.
180973001 Speedway Marion Co.
181270022 Porter Co.
181270024 Porter Co.
181270025 Porter Co.
181410012 St. Joseph Co.
181411002 South Bend St. Joseph Co.
181412004 South Bend St. Joseph Co.
181630006 Evansville Vanderburg Co.
181630014 Evansville Vanderburg Co.
181650006 Vermillion Co.
181670010 Terre Haute Vigo Co.
181670017 Terre Haute Vigo Co.
181670018 Terre Haute Vigo Co.
181670019 Terre Haute Vigo Co.
181670020 Terre Haute Vigo Co.

We appreciate your rapid response and hope to continue working closely with you to successfully implement the new fine particulate network. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Rizzo of my staff at (312) 353-6324.


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