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June 29, 1998
Mary A. Gade, Director
Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
1021 North Grand Avenue East
P.O. Box 19276
Springfield, Illinois  62794-9276

Dear Ms. Gade:

On July 18, 1997, under the Clean Air Act (Act), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone and particulate matter (PM).  The EPA is developing a series of guidance memoranda for States to use in planning for the revised NAAQS.  On June 16, 1998, EPA reissued the “Early Planning Guidance” which addresses two requirements of the Clean Air Act.  The purpose of this letter is to provide information to you concerning how you can meet these requirements of the Act.  
Section 107(d) of the Act requires Governors to submit recommended designations for areas in their State as nonattainment, attainment or unclassifiable when a NAAQS is revised.  The provision requires Governors to submit designation recommendations for the revised PM10 NAAQS by July 1998.  For the revised ozone NAAQS and new PM2.5 NAAQS, the dates by which Governors are required to submit recommended designations to EPA have been delayed by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), signed into law by President Clinton June 9, 1998.  Enclosure A provides detailed information to you concerning the required designation recommendations.

The State must also ensure that the fundamental air program infrastructure and general authority elements established by the State’s section 110 State Implementation Plan (SIP) and the statutory revisions to section 110 made since 1970 are adequate in light of the new NAAQS.  EPA requests that the Governor or his/her designee notify the EPA whether the 110 SIP is adequate.  If the 110 SIP is not adequate, the SIP must be revised and submitted to EPA by July 2000.  Enclosure B describes the process to evaluate the section 110 SIP infrastructure.  EPA Region 5 is available to discuss with you any questions that you have regarding the adequacy of the section 110 SIP.

I appreciate this opportunity to be of service to you and trust that this information will be helpful.

Sincerely yours,


David A. Ullrich
Acting Regional Administrator


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