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Gary R. Hughes, Deputy Director
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 30473
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7973

Dear Mr. Hughes:

The enclosed amendment reflects an action by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to increase the obligation of funds for the referenced Cooperative Agreement. This action increases the total approved project costs and budget costs identified in the previous assistance award.

This action increases the obligation of Federal funds by $1,033,344. The total approved Federal share is now $2,323,614, or 95% of your Federal amount. As you requested, we also revised the initial non-federal funding amount and prorated it based on our early award. All previously cited Terms and Conditions remain the same with the exception of numbers 4 and 9 which have been modified. Term and Condition Number 4 relates to the Quality Management Plan condition. It has been revised to reflect the negotiated language. Term and Condition Number 9 describes this award as still a partial obligation, with the remainder of Federal funding to be awarded at a later date.

Please sign, date, and return the original and two copies of this amended award within 21 days after the receipt of this letter to:

Acquisition and Assistance Branch
United States Environmental Protection Agency,
Region 5 (MC-10J)
77 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60604

I trust this agreement will enhance the ability of your Agency to continue its important work in air pollution control.

Sincerely yours,

\s\ by C. Newton

Cheryl Newton, Acting Director
Air and Radiation Division


cc: Dennis Drake, Chief
Air Quality Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Dee Lamb, Grant Program Coordinator
Air Quality Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Karen Jurgensen, Federal Aid
Office of Financial Management
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

For further information, contact:
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