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SUBJECT: Request for Proposals for Market Transformation Projects to Promote Energy Efficient Technologies and Practices

FROM: Richard D. Wilson
Acting Assistant Administrator

TO: David Ullrich
Acting Regional Administrator, Region 5

The Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division (APPD) within OAR is requesting proposals from EPA regions to build upon APPD’s effort to reduce emission of greenhouse gases through the promotion of energy efficient technologies. The regions play an important role in market transformation at the regional and local level. EPA anticipates grant money to range from $ 25,000 to $100,000 for each successful proposal.


EPA has committed to implement programs designed to prevent the emission of 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gases by 2000 and 80 million metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions by 2005. The core activities to meet that goal are spearheaded by the Energy Star programs. It is now time to build on the foundation of these market transformation programs. In response to regional requests, the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Division seeks proposals from the regions for projects that advance national, regional and local market transformation to energy efficient technologies and practices.

APPD seeks proposals which will result in measurable reductions in several specific, key greenhouse gas sectors -- buildings, energy supply, methane sources, and HFC/PFC sources. Proposals should be designed strategically to overcome market failures and promote investment in available and financially attractive, yet underutilized, technologies and practices. The selected proposals will enhance market transformation, deliver sizable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions for a limited level of federal investment, and build upon the foundation which is currently in place.

In addition to delivering greenhouse gas reductions, successful proposed activities shall educate many consumers and businesses on some key facts such as:

-- energy efficiency does not mean reduced quality of life or sacrifice
-- available, energy efficient technologies can save money as well as protect the environment
-- key information about climate friendly technologies can overcome market barriers that inhibit their adoption.

Proposal Criteria

Successful proposals are to meet the following criteria:

Provide cost-effective measures. The proposals shall demonstrate that greenhouse gas reductions occur in a voluntary, profitable manner. APPD will evaluate all proposals in terms of the emissions reduced per EPA dollar spent.

Advance market transformation. APPD will review proposals for their impact on market transformation, including the adoption of these technologies during the period of the grant, and the lasting impact of the project beyond the term of the grant.

Rely on market forces. APPD’s programs are based on market mechanisms and the profits and cash savings inherent in energy efficiency upgrades to create the incentive for progress. Proposals should not recommend subsidies to achieve market transformation.

Build on current APPD efforts. APPD’s core voluntary programs include Green Lights, Energy Star Buildings, Energy Star Homes and Office Equipment, Energy Star Procurement Challenge, Landfill Methane Outreach Program, AgStar, Natural Gas Star, and Cool Communities. While transportation is an important part of the climate solution, other grant programs such as 501(c) grants and the Congestion, Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grants are available for such efforts.

Provide measurable results. Successful proposals shall measure, verify and report the resulting greenhouse gas emission reductions. Funds provided to OAR are linked to specific, quantified reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases. APPD must deliver large reductions in carbon emissions by 2000, 2005 and 2010 and to report to the Administration and Congress on progress each year.

Avoid duplication of efforts. Proposals should not duplicate efforts already underway by EPA or other organizations, including the Department of Energy. Congress has taken an active interest in the close coordination of EPA and DOE efforts to prevent climate change. As a result, EPA and DOE signed an explicit memorandum of understanding (MOU) last year to clearly identify areas for EPA activities and areas for DOE activities.

Coordinate with ongoing EPA efforts. Over the past seven years, APPD established strong relationships with partners who excel in the Green Lights, Energy Star and other voluntary programs. Proposals must be consistent with the current Memoranda of Understanding APPD has with program participants, and not create an undue burden on partners.

Assign dedicated personnel. Proposals will identify specific personnel who will be committed to the grant project, indicating the region’s level of FTE assigned to the grant. Once awarded, grant recipients will identify a lead regional contact responsible for the implementation of the grant who will serve as liaison with APPD staff.

Award Process

Proposals will be solicited from now through March 27, 1998. APPD program managers will be available to work with regional staff to help them to formulate proposals that meet the criteria. A team of headquarters program managers and representative regional staff will evaluate the proposals using the criteria listed above. APPD will identify, with your help, two to three regional staff members to participate with APPD staff in the review and selection of the winning grants.

The goal is to identify and fund a number of outstanding projects for $25,000 to $100,000 each that will leverage APPD’s existing efforts and accelerate the widespread recognition of the Energy Star brand, and transformation of the market.

Proposals are due at APPD by March 27, 1998. and should be sent to the attention of David Lee, Mail Stop 6202 J, EPA, 401 M St. SW, Washington, D.C. All proposals shall adequately describe the project in terms of a work plan with stated goals, tasks, time lines and required resources. Proposals must also indicate how the intended projects meet the criteria stated above. APPD intends to announce the selected proposals by April 30, 1998. We expect funds for the winning proposals to be awarded no later than September 30, 1998.

If you should have any questions concerning these proposals, you may contact David Lee (202-564-9131) or Linda Baynham (202-564-9211) of my staff.

For further information, contact:
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