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July 11, 1996

Honorable James Edgar
Governor of Illinois
Springfield, Illinois 62706

Dear Governor Edgar:

On behalf of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA),
I want to personally invite the State of Illinois to join with USEPA as
a Green Lights Program partner, and to realize the financial and
environmental benefits achieved by many other States and organizations across
the nation.

The Green Lights Program is an USEPA voluntary effort to reduce pollution
and to save energy costs.  Research reveals that the energy used in commercial
buildings is closely linked to several environmental concerns, including smog,
acid rain, and global warming.  In addition, heating, cooling, lighting and
running office machines consume a tremendous amount of energy.  

Through the Green lights Program, USEPA encourages public and private
organizations to look at energy efficient lighting as an investment opportunity
rather than an overhead cost.  Many participants who have joined this program
have cut their energy costs in half and are realizing internal rates of return
on their initial investments of 30 percent or more.

Green Lights Program Partners voluntarily enter into a partnership with USEPA,
in which we agree to work together to install energy-efficient technologies in
buildings only where the upgrades are profitable for the participant.  Through
this partnership, the State of Illinois basically commits to survey all
facility space, identify options for profitably upgrading lighting systems and
complete 90 percent of those profitable opportunities within 5 years.  USEPA
will then work together with Illinois to publicize your contribution to the
environment.  In return, EPA offers partners an extensive array of technical
support services including a customer service representative, 24-hour hotline,
training workshops, computer software, and public recognition.

Historically, USEPA's role has been characterized by command and control
regulations and mandatory compliance.  But, the Energy Star programs, of
which Green Lights is one, are unique in that they offer an alternative
approach to preventing pollution. The USEPA is pleased that 15 States
have already joined the program.  I sincerely want to encourage you and
other States to look closely at the benefits of this program.  Please
review the enclosed material regarding this important program.  If you
have any questions or would like to discuss the Green Lights Program in
more detail, please don't hesitate to contact me or Audrie Washington,
of my staff at (312) 886-0669.   Green Lights is consistent with the
activities by Illinois Global Climate Change Task Force.  

I look forward to working with you in communicating the State of Illinois'
active participation in preventing pollution and maximizing savings.  

Sincerely yours,


Valdas V. Adamkus
Regional Administrator


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