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Pennsylvania Regulation

PA-Department of Environmental Protection
Regulation Type
Rule #
Chapter 139, Subchapter A, Sections 139.11 through 139.18
Rule Title
Sampling and Testing- Sampling and Testing Methods and Procedures- Stationary Sources
State Effective Date
Final Federal Register Date
Federal Register Citation #
81 FR 50358
Superseded /
Rescinded Date
139.16 amended to add cross references on 7/10/14.

1. SIP revision published on 6/11/02 amends provisions in Section 139.12 with State effective dates of 12/27/97 and 3/7/98 (67 FR 39854).
2. In Section 139.13, provisions pertaining to H2S and TRS are not part of the applicable SIP.
3. 66 FR 37908 federal register date 7-20-01 state effective daqte 6-10-2000
4. Amendment to 139.12 made 8-1-2016 (81 FR 50358) State effective 4-12-2014.

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Chapter 139_subchapter_a_testing_sampling_stationary_source.pdfChapter 139_subchapter_a_testing_sampling_stationary_source.pdf

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