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District of Columbia Regulation

District of Columbia
DC- Department of Energy and the Environment
Regulation Type
Rule #
20 DCMR, Chapter 1, Section 199
Rule Title
Definitions and Abbreviations
State Effective Date
Final Federal Register Date
Federal Register Citation #
82 FR 20270
Superseded /
Rescinded Date
Historical information -
1. Definition of "major stationary source" is revised, with a SIP-effective date of 2/28/05.
2. Removal of 17 definitions, and revision to the definition of "Volatile organic compounds. The SIP effective date is 5/29/13-78 FR 24992
3. Preconstruction Requirements -Nonattainment NSR definitions changed in 80 FR 14310 (3/9/ 15 state effective date 11-16-12 ).
4. Non-EGU Limits on Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in 81 FR 8656 changing definitions dated 81 FR 8656
5. 82 FR 20270 dated 5-1-17 federally effective 5-31-17 added two defintions...this was a final notice after comments on a DFRN and NPR dated 10-11-2016 81 FR 70064 & 81 FR 70020...new defintions were also added to Chapter 8 - Regulation section 899 that relate to handling and storage of fuel oil

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