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NPDES Subject Contacts

NPDES Permits Unit Staff by Subject Area

(See the staff directory for contact information)

Subject Area
Team Lead – Permitting Issues
Team Lead – State Oversight Issues
Aquaculture Permitting: Idaho
Aquaculture Permitting: Washington
Biosolids/Sewage Sludge
Clean Water Act Section 301(h) Municipal Permits
Coalbed Methane
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
Combined or Separate Sewer Overflow (CSO or SSO)
Effluent Trading/Offsets
Endangered Species Act
Environmental Justice
Groundwater Remediation Facilities: Idaho
Logging Roads
Mining: Placer Mining
Mining: General
NPDES Regulations
Ocean Discharge Criteria Evaluations
Oil and Gas: Northslope
Oil and Gas: Arctic (Offshore)
Oil and Gas: Cook Inlet
Pesticide/Herbicide Application
Pulp and Paper
Seafood Permitting
State Coordinator: Alaska
State Coordinator: Idaho
State Coordinator: Oregon
State Coordinator: Washington
Stormwater: Multi-sector General Permit
Stormwater: Construction General Permit
Stormwater: MS4 Permits
Additional Stormwater Contacts
Tribal Coordinator
Unit Plan for R10 NPDES Permits Unit
Web Page Coordinator
Whole Effluent Toxicity / Aquatic Toxicity
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