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Draft EPA Permits for Washington and Oregon Dischargers


Appx - Appendix

DP - Draft Permit

FS - Fact Sheet

MS4 - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

PN - Public Notice

The following draft permits and permit modifications are currently (or have recently been) open for public comment. See also:

Facility/Public Notice
Comment Period
Draft Permit
Supporting Documents
Moclips River Estates Public Notice
Permit #WA0026603
Taholah, Washington (Quinault Indian Reservation)08/22/17 - 09/21/17Moclips River Estates Draft PermitMoclips River Estates Fact Sheet
Town of Coulee Dam Public Notice
Permit #WA0020281
Coulee Dam, Washington08/16/17 - 09/15/17Coulee Dam Draft PermitCoulee Dam Fact Sheet
Offshore Seafood Processing Facilities Off Coasts of Oregon and Washington Public Notice
Permit #WAG520000
Federal waters off coasts of Oregon and Washington06/19/17 - 8/3/17Offshore Seafood Processors Draft General PermitOffshore Seafood Processors Fact Sheets, Biological Evaluation, Ocean Discharge Criteria Evaluation
Dawn Mining Company Midnite Mine
Permit #WA0026841
Spokane Indian Reservation, Washington04/20/17 - 06/05/17Midnite Mine Draft PermitMidnite Mine Fact Sheet
Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery
Permit #WA0001902
Leavenworth, Washington12/16/16 - 02/03/17Leavenworth Draft PermitLeavenworth Fact Sheet and Foreword to Biological Evaluation

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