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Current EPA NPDES Permits in Alaska

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You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Below are individual permits issued by EPA Region 10. The Fact Sheet and Response to Comments together describe the basis for the permit terms. Please note that every permit has a Fact Sheet, but not every permit has a Response to Comments.

Note: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Exit EPA disclaimer issues all NPDES permits in Alaska except federal facilities located in Denali National Park and Preserve, facilities located in Indian Country, facilities operating outside state waters (three miles offshore), and facilities issued CWA 301(h) waivers from secondary treatment standards.

Permits below are listed in alphabetical order:


POTW - Publicly Owned Treatment Plant

WWTP - Wastewater Treatment Plant

WWTF - Wastewater Treatment Facility

Use the links in the left column for maps and other information about the facilities.
Permit No.
Effective Dates
Final Permit
Fact Sheet
Response to Comments
Anchorage POTW
Anchorage AK

08/02/00 - 08/02/05Anchorage POTW Final Permit (124k.pdf)Fact Sheet (252k.pdf)Response to Comments (17k.pdf)
Arctic Oil and Gas General Permits
Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea, AK

03/02/15 - 03/01/20 (Geotechnical GP)
11/28/12 - 11/27/17 (Exploration GPs)
See the Arctic Oil and Gas General Permits Page
Cook Inlet Oil & Gas Exploration, Development & Production Facilities

09/01/2016 - 08/31/2021See General Permits Page
Denali National Park Front Country Wastewater Treatment Lagoon
Denali National Park, Alaska
09/14/11 - 09/14/16Denali Final Permit (PDF) (25 pp, 162K)Denali Fact Sheet (PDF) (28 pp, 250K)Denali State Section 401 Certification (PDF) (7 pp, 153K)

No comments received.
Gold Vault Mining Company
Eldorado Creek
Denali National Park
6/13/2016 - 6/10/2021Gold Vault Mining Final Permit (PDF) (16 pp, 105K)Gold Vault Mining Fact Sheet (PDF) (12 pp, 121K)Gold Vault Mining Response to Comments (PDF) (3 pp, 142K)
Haines WWTP
Haines, AK

12/24/01- 12/26/06Haines Final Permit (68k.pdf)Fact Sheet (147k.pdf)Response to Comments (11k.pdf)
Ketchikan WWTP
Ketchikan, AK

01/29/01 - 01/29/06Ketchikan WWTP Final Permit without map (64k.pdf)
Map (Appendix 1) (700k.pdf)
Variance (6K .pdf)
Fact Sheet without appendix (118.pdf)

Appx. A-Diagrams & Map (65k.pdf)
Response to Comments (19k.pdf)
Offshore Seafood Processors in Alaska
03/01/10 -
See General NPDES Permits page
Petersburg WWTP
Petersburg, AK

12/24/01- 12/26/06Petersburg Final Permit (68k.pdf)Fact Sheet (157k.pdf)Response to Comments
Sitka WWTF
Sitka, AK

12/31/01- 01/02/07Sitka WWTF Final Permit (67k.pdf)Fact Sheet (126k.pdf)Response to Comments (13k.pdf)
Skagway WWTP
Skagway, AK

10/01/02 - 09/07/07Skagway WWTP Final Permit (56k.pdf)Fact Sheet (499k.pdf)Response to Comments
Wrangell WWTP
Wrangell, AK

01/07/02 - 01/08/07Wrangell Final Permit (PDF) (21 pp. 10MB) Fact Sheet (PDF) (133k.pdf)Response to Comments (PDF) (10k.pdf)
U.S. Navy Arctic Ice Camp
100-200 miles North of Deadhorse, Alaska

01/01/2016 - 12/31/2020Arctic Ice Camp Final Permit, Fact Sheet, and Ocean Discharge Criteria EvaluationSee link under "Final Permit"See link under "Final Permit"

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