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List of EPA Documents by "Nickname"
Some EPA documents are called by another "nickname" or descriptive name of some sort. Here is a list of some of them, together with the publication year and a document number, if available.


The Green Book - Water quality criteria: report of the National Technical Advisory Committee to
the Secretary of the Interior. 1968. PB-216 740
The Blue Book - Water quality criteria. 1972. R3-73-033
The Red Book - Quality criteria for water. 1976. EPA/440-9-76-023
The Gold Book - Quality criteria for water. 1986. EPA/440-5-86-001
The Silver Book - never published, was to have been the successor to The Gold Book.


The Purple Book - Guidance for controlling asbestos-containing materials in building. June 1985. EPA/560-5-85-024.
The Silver Book - Measuring Airborne Asbestos Following An Abatement Action. EPA 600/4-85-049.
The Pink Book - Asbestos in Buildings: Simplified Sampling Scheme for Surfacing Materials. 1985. 560/5-85-030A
The Green Book - a supplement to The Purple Book - "Managing Asbestos in Place, a Building owner's Guide to Operations and Maintenance Programs for Asbestos-Containing Materials." July 1990. EPA 740.


The Blue Book - Issues Relating to VOC Regulation Cutpoints, Deficiencies, and Deviations- Clarification to Appendix D of November 24, 1987, Federal Register, May 28, 1988, revised 1/11/90. This book has been converted to a web link on the EPA Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards Publications Page (scroll down to The Blue Book).
The Green Book - Nonattainment Areas for Criteria Pollutants


The Red Book - refers to Office of the Comptroller's loose leaf multi volume book on appropriation law.
The Yellow Book - Guide to environmental enforcement and compliance at federal facilities. 1998. EPA/315-B-98-011 and online at
The Rainbow Report - Status of Pesticides in Reregistration and Special Review. May 1992. EPA/700/R-92/004. Updates are published each year.

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