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General Topics Videos

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle loans videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs to residents, educators, and businesses of only Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for up to two weeks. Locate the title you wish to receive and call (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also email your request to the PERC (; please include the Title and Item Number in your email.

TitleDescriptionYearLengthItem Number
A Sense of WonderThe program is an intimate reflection of author Rachel Carson's life as she emerges as America's most successful advocate for the natural world.201060 MinutesEPA-DVD-056
Alaska Native Diet film seriesExplores and important question raised by many people in rural Alaska: is our traditional food safe to eat?2005EPA-DVD-032
Alaska Native Diet: Assessing the Benefits and Risks of Diet in Rural AlaskaInterviews with various technical experts that address different aspects of the benefits and risks of traditional foods in the communities of Atka and St. Paul.20072:23 minutesEPA-DVD-033
Don's ToolboxA Pacific Northwest Region CD-Rom for partnerships, education, marketing, environmental documents and more.EPA-CD-015
Enhancing the Lewis & Clark LegacyThe environment described in the journal of the Lewis and Clark expedition and what the EPA is doing to restore it..2004EPA-DVD-012
EPA 35th AnniversaryVideo presentation2006EPA-DVD-016
ERT Dive TeamDepicts how the team does inspections to find and prevent pollution.14 MinutesEP-343
FRONTLINE: A Dangerous Business RevisitedFive years ago, FRONTLINE, The New York Times and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigated one of America's most dangerous industries - the iron pipe foundry business. One company had more violations than all others combined, the McWane Corporation. Now, FRONTLINE combines most of its original broadcast with what happened after that program aired, what has changed at McWane, and whether the company has become a less dangerous business. 200860 MinutesEPA-DVD-035
FRONTLINE: Hot PoliticsAs more and more Americans look for a response to the realities of climate change, FRONTLINE correspondent Deborah Amos investigates the political decisions that have prevented the United States government from confronting one of the most serious problems facing humanity today. 200760 Minutes EPA-DVD-036
Globe 96 Presentation25th anniversary of US EPA Region 101996EPA-CD-007
Healthy Homes: Assessing Your Indoor Environment (English and Spanish)Learn how to identify and reduce health hazards in your own home.25 MinutesEPA-DVD-055
Managing EPA GrantsFollow the exploits of Dr. Ernst Moreau and his assistant Renfield as they explain the details of managing their own EP grant through 8 entertaining vignettes.20031 HourEP-396
Stuff Video Project"Sole for Sale"  Addresses Issues of Consumerism200360:50 MinutesEP-163
The Red Pines: Japanese-Americans on Bainbridge IslandPresenting the cultural history of Japanese-American immigrant on Bainbridge Island, and  their relationship to the land.200511 MinutesEPA-DVD-011(B)

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