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Idaho Cleanup Sites

Use the table below to find information about EPA cleanup sites in Idaho.

Click on the small triangle near the column heading to sort the information by state, city, title (site name), type of site. Note: NPL = National Priorities List (aka "Superfund"). Sites not associated with any particular city will show near the bottom of the list.

StateSorted ascendingCityCan be sorted ascendingTitleCan be sorted ascendingType of SiteCan be sorted ascending
IdahoPocatelloUnion Pacific Railroad CompanyDeleted NPL
IdahoPacatelloPacific Hide and Fur Recycling CompanyDeleted NPL
IdahoRathdrumARRCOM (Drexler Enterprises)Deleted NPL
IdahoCataldoEast Mission Flats RepositoryInformation
IdahoFort HallGay MineInformation
IdahoSoda SpringsKerr-McGee Chemical CorporationNPL
IdahoSoda SpringsMonsanto Chemical CompanyNPL
IdahoMountain HomeMountain Home Air Force BaseNPL
IdahoScovilleIdaho National Laboratory (USDOE)NPL
Hide details for IdahoIdahoBunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Superfund Site (Coeur d'Alene Basin)NPL
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IdahoPocatelloEastern Michaud Flats ContaminationNPL
IdahoCobaltBlackbird MineProposed NPL
IdahoSt. MariesSt. Maries CreosoteProposed NPL
IdahoStibniteStibnite-Yellow Pine Mining AreaProposed NPL
IdahoRCRA Corrective Action Sites in IdahoRCRA CA
IdahoWallaceWallace Yard and Spur LineRemoval
IdahoHaileyTriumph Mine Tailings PilesRemoved from NPL
IdahoSoda SpringsBallard, Henry and Enoch Valley Phosphate MinesSite Assessment
IdahoSoutheast Idaho Phosphorus Slag Program

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