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Alaska Cleanup Sites

These lists attempt to help you find information about any cleanup work ongoing in Alaska. In some cases states are responsible for the information. Please check all lists. Envirofacts Multisystem search for AK may be a starting place.

Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites
Indian Land Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation LUST sites

Brownfields, Oil, RCRA Corrective Action Superfund Sites
Click on the triangle near the row heading to re-sort the table. "Type of site" include National Priority List (NPL) and RCRA Corrective Action (RCRA CA) sites. Sites not associated with any particular city will show near the bottom of the list.

StateCan be sorted ascendingCityCan be sorted ascendingTitleCan be sorted ascendingType of SiteCan be sorted ascending
AlaskaAdakAdak Naval Air StationNPL
AlaskaFairbanksAlaska Battery EnterprisesDeleted NPL
AlaskaAnchorageAnchorage Terminal ReserveNPL Equivalent
AlaskaFairbanksArctic SurplusNPL
AlaskaDeadhorseBP Alaska GC1-GC2 Gathering Line DischargeOil
AlaskaDeadhorseBP Alaska GC1-GC2 Transmission Pipeline DischargeOil
AlaskaDeadhorseBP Alaska ZPad Produce Water Spill
AlaskaDeadhorseBP Prudoe Bay Drill Site 14Oil
AlaskaKenaiCook Inlet Pipe Line Company’s Drift River Terminal Facility RCRA CA
AlaskaFairbanksEielson Air Force BaseNPL
AlaskaAnchorageElmendorf Air Force BaseNPL
AlaskaAnchorageFort Richardson (USArmy)NPL
AlaskaFort WainwrightFort WainwrightNPL
AlaskaKetchikanKetchikan Pulp CompanyNPL Equivalent
AlaskaAnchorageKuparuk Flowline Spill DS2MOil
AlaskaRCRA Corrective Action Sites in AlaskaRCRA CA
AlaskaPrince of Wales IslandSalt Chuck MineNPL
AlaskaAnchorageStandard Steel & Metals Salvage Yard (USDOT)Deleted NPL

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