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ROD Amendment for Upper Basin and Box

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Interim Record of Decision Amendment

Interim ROD Amendment for Upper Basin Available
The final version of the cleanup plan for the Upper Coeur d’Alene River Basin is now available. The cleanup plan is called a Record of Decision Amendment - or RODA. In response to public comments, EPA reduced the scope of the RODA from the Proposed Plan issued in July 2010. The cleanup is now estimated to cost about $635 million. The cleanup timeframe has been shortened to about 30 years.

The RODA lays out an ambitious plan to reduce risks to people’s health and the environment from heavy metals. In short, the cleanup will:

  • Improve surface water quality
  • Protect earlier cleanup work from recontamination
  • Clean up contamination sources
  • Help prevent contamination from moving downstream

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Implementation Plan

2012-2022 Implementation plan is now available.

Documents Supporting the ROD Amendment

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